The One with Grafenwöhr

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I haven't announced where we're ACTUALLY going with the Army:
I call it "Gryffindor" :)
 Our original orders were to Schweinfurt, but when Chris contacted them to get the ball rolling they said, nope, you're not coming here, the base is closing next fall, probably sooner, we want to send you somewhere that's not closing.
And so we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And I've truly learned to be patient.
At least in this aspect.
Not so much.
Anyway, Chris got his amended orders a month or so ago and Grafenwöhr it is!
We were given sponsors just a couple of days ago. They're a young Mormon dental family with 2 kids, JUST LIKE US!!! How perfect is that?! So we already have BFFs :) They've been so kind and helpful already, I can't wait to actually meet!
Other than knowing where we're going, our sponsors, and when Chris is supposed to be there (July 15), we don't know much!
Chris left for bootcamp on Thursday. He called me today and told me things that we needed to do and get done that we had NO IDEA about and it's kind of looking like we'll be flying separately to Germany and who knows when I and the kids will follow. I'm scared poopless at the thought of having to fly across the world with two babies and possibly the dog and cat and a million pounds of luggage in a million different suitcases ALL BY MYSELF. But, I know it'll all work out. One way or another we'll get to Germany and then it'll be totes awesome.
And then we'll get to live in one of these cute government houses with fenced backyards and swings on every corner :)
So. We're taking things day-by-day. Today I found out how to ship our car over to Germany. I'll do that sometime next week. On Monday I'll go to Fort Lewis and try to figure out "no-fee passports". Cuz apparently regular passports aren't enough? And hopefully one of these days the kids and I can be added to Chris' insurance so we can get physical exams so we can tag along with him.
It's all a mess.
But I'm trying to remain calm.
It'll all work out!
Hakuna matata!
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