The One with Fathers Day 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

 Happy Fathers Day to my Dald!
He's such a great example to me. 
He taught me to be responsible, hardworking, independent, a good multitasker, multitalented, organized, thoughtful, and skillful. 
He taught me math with flashcards and long division at Eric's baseball games.
He taught me how to pay my tithing.
He taught me how to drive a car - a stick-shift car on the steep and scary hills of Washington no less!
He taught me to read my scriptures every day.
He taught me to be prompt, punctual, and on time.
He taught me the importance of writing thank you notes.
He taught me that traffic is the worst thing on earth :)
He taught me the value of a dollar. 
And so many other things that have shaped who I am today!
Love you Dald!

And then there's the father of our children, my dear sweet husband, Chris.
 After 10 hour days at school (thank goodness those are over!) he would come home and take over the kids, make dinner, and clean up, so I could go take a nap. 
He cooks.
He cleans the toilets. 
He cleaned the animal cages when we had them. 
He folds the laundry. 
He watches the kids while I work.
He changes poopy diapers.
He loves unconditionally. 
He works so hard to provide for his family. 
He has a strong and solid testimony that keeps our family together. 
He is smart, bright, intelligent, educated, savvy, perceptive, quick-witted, and clever.
He can make me, Fox, and Jane laugh like no one else can. 
  We love you Chris! We miss you so much! See you not this Saturday, but NEXT Saturday!


  1. Thanks, babe! I am so glad you take so many pictures. It's so fun to go back and see the wonderful memories we've made with our kids. I love you three!

  2. Happy Father's Day to your family!

  3. what a SWEET post--Happy Father's day!


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