The One with Jane at 11 Months

Friday, June 28, 2013

Today is the 28th of the month which means sweet Jane is 11 months new! 
 Here are her done-at-home stats (that I'm just making up because I'm so tired - Chris comes home TOMORROW so I can take a nap! YAY!): 

 Length: 29" (75-90%) 
 Weight: 20 pounds 2 ounces (50-75%) 
 Head circumference: 18.25" (90-95%)

Jane's biggest achievement in the past month? She's CRAWLING! 'Bout time! I really need to post another video because she's getting good. It all started at the Short's house where we had Fathers Day dinner. She's really perfected the technique in just under two weeks.
Now that she can crawl she's always getting into mischief and taking Fox's toys from him. 
That makes him happy. Not! 
But really, he does love her. See, I've even got proof that he can do things besides hit her!
Last weekend she had a fever of 104 for over 4 days. No other symptoms. It was one stinkin' tooth comin' in! I hope it's not like this for every tooth she cuts! Poor sweet girl.
Her pain is my gain though because we got to snuggle for days on end. 
This is the number we like to see!
All better! Yay!
We are completely done spoon feeding. She feeds herself all three meals every day! And some snacks in-between meals.
 It's been so much fun having Grandma around to post pictures of Jane on instagram. Here are her latest and greatest snapshots:
In the last month her personality has really started to shine through. She's sweet, affectionate, kind, and always making cute noises.
 She can say her first word, "Uh oh!" (I posted a video a few posts ago, HERE).
Some more pics from her 11 month shoot - can't wait to scrap them!
If she's 11 months today, that means that next month is her first birthday! WOW time flies! Have I planned anything for her birthday? NO! I feel terrible! With Fox's 1st birthday I went ALL OUT and planned for months and spent lots of dough making his first birthday party the most amazing event we've had to date. But her birthday has been put on the backburner amidst our big life changes. I'm still hoping that we can do something fun in Germany though. Stay tuned. I'll whip something up :)
Happy 11 months Janey - you are the apple of our eyes!


  1. She is starting to look more and more like her big brother.

  2. She is so sweet, she has so many of Fox's expressions! And the most gorgeous blue eyes!

  3. She's just too cute! I love these posts! I know there lots if work but so worth it!

  4. Man! That is one gorgeous baby!

  5. She is precious!! Yay for crawling and eating on her own, love this age. Hopefully her teething won't always be so painful.

  6. what a cutie!!!! and poor thing on the teething and fever, my lil one is doing that too, but I love the cuddles!!

  7. Jane is so lovely and fox is absolutely adorable!

  8. she is seriously such a SWEETHEART!!

  9. She is beautiful!! I can't believe she's already 11 months. :)

  10. She looks so adorable in all her photos! Loved the series on her eating Oreos. Priceless!


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