The One with the Lemonade & Crumpets Party

Sunday, June 2, 2013

On my birthday there was a "lemonade & crumpets" Relief Society activity at the church. They planned it just for me :) Not really, but I can pretend right? The gal in charge of decorating went above and beyond and made it look beautiful and professional!
Every table was covered with a white cloth and lace.
I've never seen so many beautiful dishes!
We were supposed to "dress up" all fancy and even wear hats! I don't own any hats, but I wore sparkly sequins!
The treats and desserts were delicious to the taste.
Malm and Tanya enjoying their sweets. | Monica's hat was by far the best one!
Close up of a beautiful teapot.
 Even the chairs were wrapped professionally - this was a big deal!
Earlier in the day my mom helped set up then she came home for a few minutes and told me that one of the speakers couldn't make it and I needed to stand in for her - on my birthday! :) I talked for a few minutes about the temple and how Chris and I are making it a goal to go to as many as possible.
Details, details, and more beautiful details. 
Sip away!
I got to chit chat with some girlies which was so fun and much needed since I've been missing my South Pas girlies something fierce!
 All-in-all it was a fun time and I think I gained 5 pounds from the sugar cookies alone.


  1. Beautiful photos! LOVING all the yellow and gold!

  2. how fun! Gorgeous pictures and yummy treats!

  3. that looks like some seriously fun girl time, thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  4. Yay, my pretty cup made the cut. And I LOVE that your mom has her pinky up. Always classy, that one ;)

  5. Wow, I love how high society you are!!! Looks like a ton of fun. Congrats on sharing your story with the ladies.


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