The One with Lunch in Snohomish

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I met up with my friend Katie and her adorable son Nash at a cute cafe in her hometown of Snohomish for lunch today! (We know each other from all the way back in Junior High; that was many many years ago! And yet, at the same time, feels almost like yesterday. How is that possible? Time is a wacky thing...) The 45 minute drive was along a 2-way road through the green and lush countryside and it was BEAUTIFUL.
 Jane and Fox being good kiddos while waiting for lunch. 
Lunch is served!
 Katie and Nash. 
After lunch we took a walk through downtown.
Lots of clocks!
We went into one of the many cute antique stores and then it was game over for Fox. He wanted a car. A $20 car. No way jose. 
So he cried and cried and cried all the way to the river.
This marker shows how high the river has risen during floods. 
Pausing for a photo-op!
 So good to see you Katie! I'll be here for who knows how long, maybe forever :), so let's meet up again soon!


  1. How fun to meet up with your friend! LOVING the photos!!

  2. what a BEAUTIFUL day to have lunch with a great friend--FUN pictures!!

  3. oh what a pretty place! Great company and cute kiddos!

  4. What a fun day. And you look so cute, p.s.!!

  5. It is so fun to see old friends, and I love the pic she took of you and the kids, gotta scrap that one :)

  6. so much fun! i'd love to join you guys too!

  7. Man I have a good looking family! I love you guys


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