The One with A Night Out On the Town

Friday, July 19, 2013

On Wednesday night we went with our food-buddies/friends/co-dentists, the Gazarov's, out to dinner in the town of Grafenwöhr. It was my first time leaving the Army gates!! I felt like Jasmine escaping the confines of the palace walls. 
Right from the start I noticed all the COLOR!
Every building is painted differently - makes for some good photo-ops :)
 We took a long walk to an Italian restaurant. 
In Germany the business of dining out is an all-night ordeal. But, with three kids under three between us and Fox and Jane still getting their body clocks adjusted, we were lucky to be in-n-out in two hours.
 I ordered a steak and Chris got some pasta. It was good, maybe lacking a little flavor, but apparently that's a German thing. Funny! Maybe I'll just carry some A1 sauce with me wherever I go!
 We love getting to know our new home!
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