The One with A Night Out On the Town

Friday, July 19, 2013

On Wednesday night we went with our food-buddies/friends/co-dentists, the Gazarov's, out to dinner in the town of Grafenwöhr. It was my first time leaving the Army gates!! I felt like Jasmine escaping the confines of the palace walls. 
Right from the start I noticed all the COLOR!
Every building is painted differently - makes for some good photo-ops :)
 We took a long walk to an Italian restaurant. 
In Germany the business of dining out is an all-night ordeal. But, with three kids under three between us and Fox and Jane still getting their body clocks adjusted, we were lucky to be in-n-out in two hours.
 I ordered a steak and Chris got some pasta. It was good, maybe lacking a little flavor, but apparently that's a German thing. Funny! Maybe I'll just carry some A1 sauce with me wherever I go!
 We love getting to know our new home!


  1. Great photos! Loving the different colored buildings!!

  2. Haha I laughed out loud when you compared yourself to Princess Jasmine escaping the palace walls!

    We have some family friends that were stationed in Italy while in the Navy, and they said a lot of the people there never left base. It drove them crazy because they were all about exploring everything they could. I'm glad you guys are escaping and enjoying it all! Your town looks so quaint and perfect!

  3. what fantastic photos and fun food adventure--you could have your own season pack in your purse just in case! ;0)

  4. Lovely German town!! Just what I had in mind...gorgeous!

  5. Have a great time here in germany, many greetings from düsseldorf :)

  6. I had an exchange in high school in the town of Lage. The cool thing there was that everyone had scenes painted on their garage doors. Do you see any of that around where you are?

  7. So fun! I love all of those colors, and I can't imagine a 2 hour dinner with my kiddos... way to go! :)


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