The One with Jane at 1 Year

Sunday, July 28, 2013

1 year ago today my water broke and about an hour later Jane was born - we almost didn't make it to the hospital in time! 
(If you like birth stories, like I do for some reason, you can read all about it HERE.) She came in a hurry and hasn't stopped being a busy-body since. 
Here are her done-at-home hotel stats (that I'm just making up because she has her 1 year well-baby check up on August 6th): 

 Length: 29" (75-90%) 
 Weight: 20 pounds 2 ounces (50-75%) 
 Head circumference: 18.25" (90-95%)

Here is a collage from her monthly photoshoots (that I'm gonna miss doing!):

I know I'm super biased, but dang I think she's pretty!

Janey is just a ball of fun. Always happy. Always smiley. Like she has been since day 1.
Most of the time Fox bugs Jane and we have to put him on timeout a dozen times a day for hitting her, but it seems that increasingly they're actually interacting and playing together.
 Jane would give anything to be Fox's best friend!
  She adores him so.

One afternoon Chris and I were sitting on the couch in the hotel and Jane pulled herself right up! And then she fell down :)
 I thought it was going to be MONTHS before she started walking, and it probably will be still, but it seems like every day she's getting closer and closer to standing up on her own.

She's officially got sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Who knew! I thought for sure I'd have a brown hair/brown eyed baby! She's also got her two bottom center teeth and a few more teeth up top, all on her right side - not sure where the left ones are!
 This morning she was up and at 'em at 6am - ready to open her presents!
 Fox wanted in on the action so we ripped through her presents - mostly books because she LOVES "reading" - in 10 seconds flat.
 Before church I did her monthly photoshoot.

She loves to clap and high five.
Recently we taught her how to give kisses and it's hilarious, she does a little puff of air on my mouth and then shoots backwards as fast as she can.
 After church we ate lunch, sang her HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and then gave her a cupcake!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves because they're epic.

We love our Jane. 

She brings us so much happiness and joy! Happy 1st Jane!


  1. She is soooooooo beautiful!!! Happy Birthday Jane!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl on the planet!!!!

  3. Man she has pretty blue eyes! Happy birthday, Jane! We love you

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful and sweet little girl, Paige. I have loved seeing her grow through your photos and posts. I'm a little teary eyed after seeing these last set of cupcake shots. Adorable! I hope you are settling in well in Germany :) Blessings to you all on this special day :) ox

  5. Aw she is so lovely, happy birthday to little darling Jane!

  6. happy bday to her and what a lil cutie!! LOVE the cake pics!!!

  7. Those cupcake pics are epic! So funny. What a cute girl.

  8. Those cupcake pics are epic! So funny. What a cute girl.

  9. Epic is right! These pics out a big smile on my face. Happy birthday to your sweet Jane! :D

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE!!!! I love how girly she is just nibbling the frosting only at first! So did you ever get an epidural with her then?

  11. She is such a cutie, Happy birthday to her. My DD is going to turn 7 years old tomorrow, but I still remember the day when we celebrated her 1st year old Birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday to my niece Jane! And Ev sand her Happy Birthday in the car ride home from church, but it was too late to Skype you all -- you are already in bed.

  13. Happy Birthday Jane!!! I am in love with those cupcake pictures!! I was so excited for London to eat her cupcake on her birthday...and then she was so dainty with it! Seriously, hardly any mess--I mean what the heck, half the fun is seeing it all over their face!

    Miss you guys and love being able to see all the pictures. Good luck to Jane on her walking in the next few months!

  14. Just the sweetest post and the sweetest girl! Happy Birthday Jane!

  15. Oh my goodness! She is too cute for words. I miss her desperately!

  16. she so cute..I also have a daugther 11 years old..:)

  17. Jane is gorgeous! Happy Birthday.

  18. Happy Birthday Jane! She is really beautiful. Love all of the photos.

  19. yeah--happy birthday to beautiful ms. Jane!

  20. She is BEAUTIFUL!! I love those cupcake pictures and those blue eyes!


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