The One with Jane at 1 Year: In Videos

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Continuing with celebrating 1 year of Jane - here are my favorite videos from her little life so far (and HERE are Fox's for fun):

Jane admiring herself in the swing mirror:
Jane playing with her first toy:
Fox making Jane laugh by jumping:
Jane laughing. Even now, 7 months later, she still sounds like this when she laughs:
Jane "shark attacking" her toys:
Fox making Jane laugh with pillows:
Jane rolling over:
Jane sitting up:
Jane snort laughing:
Fox and Jane crying at the same time. Oy vey.
Jane laughing at a bouncing ball:
Uncle Eric putting Jane to sleep:
Jane cooling off her hot food:
Jane almost crawling:
Jane's last time at Disneyland:
Jane crawling:
Jane saying "Uh oh!"
Jane pestering Fox:

A final video of Fox making Jane laugh - she laughs for him more than anyone else!

Tomorrow is the big day!


  1. Sooooooooooooo cute!! I love how you captured them both having their meltdowns! That's AWESOME! LOL!!! :)

  2. I love that you have all of these videos. I love her laugh! :) Happy Birthday tomorrow Jane!!

  3. Ahhh the cuteness! I love the ones where Fox is making her laugh...although the one with both of them crying is pretty hysterical too (but I'm sure it wasn't when it was happening!)

    London watched these with me and kept mimicking whatever Jane (or baby! as she kept calling her) was doing. I think she misses her doppleganger! ;)

  4. omgosh! Can't believe she will be one tomorrow, where has the year gone? Happy Birthday beautiful Jane!


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