The One with Workspace Wednesday

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My scrap space (if you can even call it that, haha!) was featured on the Studio Calico blog today!
Here's what I had to say about it:
We are currently in the middle of a move with the Army from the US to Germany. I boxed up 99% of my scrapbooking supplies at the end of May and will hopefully be blissfully reunited with them at the end of this month. In-between then and now, I've adhered to Tim Gunn's advice to "Make It Work!" I packed a small suitcase to the brim with all of my favorite supplies and have been using only what I have since then. It's actually kind of liberating to only have a few things to use! Currently we're in a little 1-bedroom hotel until we can find a place to live, so I don't have anything fancy to store my supplies. In fact, I've resorted to using empty Huggies diapers boxes to house some ziplock baggies of embellishments! I did end up buying a plastic tub at the store for all of my papers so the kiddos can't rummage through everything :) This is all living proof that you can take your hobbies with you wherever you go!
 Pretty glamorous huh? Haha, not so much. But it works! A place for everything and everything in its place :)
 I can't go anywhere without my favorite 6x6 paper pads!
I hope once we're settled I can get another chance to show what my REAL scrap space looks like :)


  1. It's really cool to see how you are adapting to your surrounding and making it all work for you! Love it!

  2. It may not be glamorous but that's a pretty awesome job there.


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