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Thursday, March 13, 2014

I love the "currently" posts I see around blog land, so while I'm currently away from the computer for the weekend, I will fill these in with what I'm doing as I'm writing them :)

Reading... What I Had Before I Had You by Sarah Cornwell for the Noble Paiges Book Club we started last month!
Playing... with my new laptop. My old MacBook kicked the bucket over Christmas. It was almost 10 years old so it's about time for an upgrade. Now it'll be so easy to blog from our trips!
Watching... How I Met Your Mother season 4 with Chris and Sherlock season 3 on my own time.
Trying... to lose weight. 25 pounds to be exact...
Cooking... What's that? Haha, but really, I made Totinos pizza for dinner.
Eating... Just ate a bowl of Raisin Bran.
Drinking... Water. I don't really drink carbonated beverages unless we're eating out.
Calling... I've been meaning to call my Grandma Doris the last few weeks - I shall upon our return!
Texting... I instant message my mom at least once a day. I love my Malm :)
Pinning... lots of clothing items! Something about spring makes me want a new wardrobe.
Tweeting... I don't really tweet unless I'm re-tweeting something!
Instagraming... just posted a selfie! Much to Chris' chagrin :) He thinks selfies are silly.
Crafting... lots and lots of layouts and videos for my upcoming STITCHED class with Studio Calico that begins in April and lasts the entire month!
Scrapping... special layouts for a guest design spot at!
Doing... blog posts for the next few days. 
Going... to Disneyland Paris today!
Loving... the AMAZING weather we've had this week. It reached the 60s today! Is that it for winter? It hardly even snowed! I hear it was a very mild winter and not to expect it again next winter... But all this sunshine and warmth makes it seem like we're back in sunny SoCal!
Hating... not getting enough sleep at night... JANE!!!
Discovering... new ways to entertain the kiddos now that it's warming up outside - bubbles, chalk, walks, playgrounds, the works!
Enjoying... life in Germany! So happy the summer months are almost upon us and we can travel up north and the weather will be decent!
Thinking... My mind is always on overdrive. Always thinking about too many things, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on. But I'll spare you :)
Feeling... like all my friends have at least 3 babies. I can't even imagine adding another human to our family right now... I was so strongly prompted with Fox and Jane but have no promptings whatsoever to try for a 3rd. Anybody else up there in heaven for us?
Hoping... everything will go smoothly on this trip!
Listening... to the fan blowing on my hands as I write. My hands are ALWAYS sweaty so I have a little fan that plugs into a USB to keep them nice and dry :)
Celebrating... my parents are going to be here in about 3 weeks! It's been almost 10 months since I've seen them! And we have their only grandchildren so I know/hope they're excited to see Fox & Jane!
Smelling... nothing? My shampoo/conditioner in my hair?
Thanking... my dear friend Chrissy for so many things. I should write a whole blog post about her and all she and her family has done for me. Her daughter babysits our kids when we go on dates, pet sits Rachel the cat when we go on vacations, and comes over every Tuesday for a couple hours to watch Fox & Jane while I whittle away at work. On Facebook she posted that she made curry for dinner, I replied I was coming over, and then she actually brought me some! I'm so thankful for good friends. 
Considering... chopping off my hair. It's getting so long - to that point where it's so heavy it gives me daily headaches.
Finishing... Just finished reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. Yeah yeah yeah, I know he's a sappy writer and all that, but I love his quick & easy books! I give this one a 6 out of 10. 
Starting... our 7 hour road trip to Disneyland Paris in T-minus 4 hours! Can't wait! We've missed Disneyland!
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