The One with #Hashtags

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I spent 3 hours today (when I should have been doing other much more important things, things with deadlines... oops!) going through all 648 pictures posted on my Instagram (@paigetaylorevans) and hashtagging them into appropriate categories! It's super fun to click on the album and see my kids through the years (#foxandjaney, #janecevans, #foxthomas), our European adventures (#evansfamilyeuropeanadventures), my handmade books (#paigebooks), our book club (#noblepaiges) or all of my scrapbook creations (#paigespages) in one place! I just hope the hashtags I created are unique enough that strangers won't post to them haha :)







I love modern technology and apps and hashtags and all that goodness :)


  1. Brilliant! I've been hashing and tagging with specifics this year but never dawned on me to go back through everything in the past. I may have to follow your lead on that!

  2. That is what I call awesome organization!! :)


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