The One with the "You Are" Background Cut File In Use

Friday, March 7, 2014

It is so(ooooo!!!!) fun and rewarding to see how people (such as my scrappy idols like Maggie Holmes,  Tina AzsmusBecky NovacekJulie Campbell, and more!) are using the "YOU ARE" background cut file I designed for the March Office Hours kits at Studio Calico!

top left: Maggie Holmes | top right: Tina Azsmus
bottom left: Yaya | bottom right: Kelly Noel

 left: Steph Washburn | right: Julie Campbell

 left: Becky Novacek | right: Maggie Massey

top left: Caroline | top right: SabrinaJA
bottom left: Lilin Fang | bottom right: Lilin Fang
Makes me heart do a happy flip flop every time I see the cut file used :) Keep 'em coming!!


  1. These projects are beautiful!!!!

  2. That is a really cool design! And it's fun to see it in use on other people's projects!

  3. Awesome file! Is it still available for sale? I can't find it on the Studio Calico site but would love to have it! Thanks!

  4. Hey Dana - it was only available at Studio Calico for a month. Make sure you're signed up for their emails though because once in awhile they open the cut files back up for purchase!


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