The One with the Weight Ordeal

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why oh why is it so hard for me to lose weight? Why oh why did I have to gain weight in the first place? I want my 18 year old body back! Seems like as soon as I started having babies my body and metabolism changed and I haven't been able to eat the way I used to and want to without major consequences. Here are some motivational quotes and images I found which can all be traced back to my "Operation Get Fit" Pinterest board to hopefully get me off my bum and back into a routine that includes 30 minutes of daily exercise and eating right:
Time to quit work for the day, get off the computer, and do a work out!


  1. These are awesome! Loving that last one!!!

  2. Not sure what your workout strategies are but, I am currently obsessed with Daily Burn. It's like ... $10 a month and they have TONS of workout videos that you can choose from (easy to hard levels, too) I'm loving it. It's my own personal gym!

    You can do it ... the first week is always the hardest, right!? ;)

  3. I hear ya. I have officially gained back 20 of the 50 lbs I was so proud to lose. Now I feel like a LOSER! You can do this!

  4. This is a constant struggle for me too. I have to get up early in order to have the time alone, and well...the bed is just so comfy at 5:30am

  5. My diet is working, but I wouldn't recommend it. You know, there's a reason they say "fat and happy," (not that you are by any means fat -- you just want to be super skinny. You looked FAB after Fox was born; you can do it again.)


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