The One with A Whole Lotta Tabs

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I always have about 20 tabs open, including, but not limited to:
Gmail - of course.
Google Calendar - this is where my life is stored; every appointment, every due date, every assignment, every errand, EVERYTHING. If it's here it's set in stone, if it's not written here, it doesn't happen. 
Google Drive - this is where we keep all of our documents for Northridge Publishing, American Crafts, etc, and where I keep track of everything. I'm a list maker. Lists lists lists everywhere. 
Croatia Road Trip Itinerary - we seem to always have a vacation to plan for - currently working on our 10 day Croatia road trip.
Orders Document - Sometimes I have my "orders" document open. Shipping takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and a day so I'm trying to track everything and see where it all is. I want my Noble Paiges book and suspender clips so I can open up my etsy shop again!
Monthly Due Dates Excel - I usually have my budget document open where I keep track of bills, paydays, incoming and outgoing moola, all that jazz. Yes, I do the monies in the family.
Checking Excel - this is where I keep a running total of exactly how much dinero we have with every penny coming in and going out. I love using Google Drive for this so I can edit it anywhere, anytime, on my computer, phone, iPad, etc.
Layouts To Make Document - March and April are going to be crazy busy doing my STITCHED class assignments, guest designing for Shimelle and Bella Blvd, monthly American Crafts layouts, 2Peas Garden Girl layouts, Studio Calico layouts, etc. This is where I'm keeping track of everything I need to make, when it's due, special directions, etc. 
Feedly - instead of Google Reader (RIP) I use Feedly to catch up on all my blog correspondence throughout the day. 
Blogger - open at all times so I can compose a post when an idea pops in my head.
My Blog - always open cuz it's fun to scroll through and read through past posts!
Feedjit - this is a little widget I have open so I can see the traffic coming into my blog. 
Northridge Basecamp - where all of my Scrapbook Trends work is done. It's helpful to see upcoming deadlines and where we are at work.
Northridge email - my work email.
Etsy - I like to have my etsy shop tab always open so I can shuffle things around and relist items when they're sold out.
Facebook - I always have Facebook up and running so I can see what my family and friends are up to!
Two Peas in a Bucket - This is where the Garden Girls have a message board and scrappers can chit chat about this and that. I often peruse the gallery for inspiration. 
Pinterest - Oh Pinterest. If I ever have a spare second of time I spend it browsing Pinterest. 
Instagram - I like scrolling through my instagram feed on my computer because the images are bigger and it's much easier to type on a keyboard than my phone. 
Studio Calico - gotta keep up with message boards, chats, peruse through the gallery, and all that good stuff!
Stitched Class YouTube Video - I've had the little Stitched Class video in a tab the last couple days just to see how it's doing. 

What about you? Do you have a million tabs open all the time?
Step away from the computer... 


  1. WOW! That is a lot! HA! My computer would probably die if I had that many open! I have always open...Gmail, Facebook, Blogger, and Bloglovin. And then open off and on Pinterest, Two Peas, Studio Calico, Silhouette Store and other random web visits throughout the day! :)

  2. I have about that many at all times too! LOL!!!!!!!

  3. It drives me crazy to have a lot of tabs open. I have gmail and Netflix open all the time, though.

  4. LOL...oh gosh, my laptop would flip over if I tried to have that many tabs open at once. I only keep email and safari open; that's it!

  5. Ha! There is no way I could multitask like that!


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