The One with THIRTY

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Duuuuuuude. How am I thirty? That just crept up on me outta nowhere!
Lots of mixed emotions goin' on here! For instance, I'm so happy to be living this life, I'm proud of the things I've accomplished temporally, spiritually, and domestically, & being in Germany is a dream come true! But all I see in this photo is wrinkles, a chin dimple that is getting deeper by the day, and I cropped off my lower half because I don't fit in any of my pants anymore... But one quote that's running through my head a lot is something along the lines of "Don't hate getting older, it's a privilege denied to many." And so, I am thankful to be alive. Nay, I'm "Thirty, flirty, and thriving!" I've wanted to say that ever since the movie came out (13 Going on 30).

30 is the new 20 right?! :)
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