The One with Rauher Kulm, Germany

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Every morning for the past nearly two years I've looked out my window and spotted "our volcano."
I wouldn't call myself a hiker by ANY means, but I've always wanted to climb to the top and see what are sure to be magnificent views of this beautiful country in which we live. I've driven past this mountain many times, in every season, in every month. It's always been so close, yet so far. 
Until yesterday!
It's rare that we're in town on a Saturday - either we're traveling or I'm off teaching. It's even rarer that when we are here on a Saturday, the weather is perfect: sunny and not freezing. So when the stars aligned and everything was set to work out, we planned to hike to the top of Rauher Kulm (I think it means "Rough Tower", but correct me if I'm wrong).
It wasn't exactly the easiest trail to find, but eventually we found a path and followed another small family up into the woods. There are deer towers all over Germany.
Fox, in typical Fox fashion, got tired after only about 5 minutes of walking barely uphill. He's kind of a wimp :) But he pressed on and sometimes we held him through rough parts.
Jane held her own and would have climbed the entire mountain all by herself, except she got distracted easily and often, so sometimes we picked her up and carried her so the hike wouldn't last alllll day.
We could see the tower up through the trees!
Anybody want to translate for me? Is this really a real volcano? Ein Vulkan?!
These rocks all around the top of the mountain were fascinating.
Totally reminded me of the rocks/troll things in Frozen.
Fox got stung by nettle, poor guy. I've never been stung in my entire 30 years of life and he's gotten it three times in the past month! I honestly didn't mean to take a picture of him getting stung, it was just bad timing.
Picnic with the ultimate view!
We could see Netzaberg far, far away.
Clumps of neighborhoods all around.
We made it!!
This spider picked a primo spot for catching bugs.
The views were, as I had hoped, amazing.

Our family on Saturday June 6th 2015 at the top of Rauher Kulm.

This is the picture I grammed. Germany in all its beautiful glory. I love it I love it I love it.
One of these days I'll find out what this says...
The hike back down was nice.
We walked in the shade almost the entire time under all of the trees which was refreshing since it was a very hot day.
Checked that one off the bucketlist!
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