The One with the Home Made Bookmarks

Monday, May 19, 2008

I was looking on the Design Crush blog and found this super easy, super neat, super cheap idea. Although, if you're like me, you don't even need a bookmark cuz you read the entire book in one sitting... I'm not planning on repeating that ordeal when I read the Twilight books again, so these bookmarks will come in handy.

Take an envelope that's doomed for the trashcan and cut off one corner (or all four) at a 45 degree angle. Doodle whatever you want on it. Slide it onto the corner of the page you stop at to bookmark it. As soon as I check the mail today I'm going to make me some of these. I'll post pictures of my bookmarks as soon as they're in existence. If you make some, email me pictures and I'll post them too.


  1. love this...thanks for the idea! i am tired of using old receipts...

  2. Honestly Paige how do you come up with something to post every single day? WOW! I am impressed! Thanks for the list! CYA Off to Delta tomorrow!


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