The One with Home Sickness

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I moved out to Utah in August of 2003 to go to college and haven't lived back home since. Some students move back home for Spring and Summer terms so for about about 4 months, but I've always had a job that I couldn't afford to leave for that long, or when Chris and I first met I really didn't want to leave him :) One plus to staying in Utah during those 4 months is there's noticeably less traffic.

My family lives in Redmond, Washington. There is nothing like a sunny day in Washington.
There are times when I miss my house, I miss my room, I miss my cat. I miss the trees, the rain (maybe not so much the rain...) and Redmond Town Center. I miss seeing my family every single day.
I wouldn't trade my life right now to be back in my teens, living at home. But I am very glad that we're going to spend a whole week in Washington this July!

Things I Want To Do In Washington (in no particular order)
- Visit the cabin in Lake Wenatchee
- Eat Thai food at Mae Phim in Seattle
- Hang out with Bri
- Eat at Fat Burger
- Eat at Thai Ginger
- See an IMAX movie in Seattle
- Go to the top of the Space Needle
- Sea-doo on Lake Sammamish
- Visit the EMP
- Go on a walk around the neighborhood
- Go to Pike's Place Market
- Do a session at the temple
- Ride on the zipline in our back yard
- Visit my dad at Google and eat until we're stuffed
- Eat Mikey's Brooklyn Bagels (mmmm)
- Say hi to Malm at Yuen Lui
- Show Chris my high school
- Drive to Carnation and see what there is to see
- Go to a concert at the White River Amphitheater

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