The One with Spoilers

Friday, May 30, 2008

Please do not continue reading if you do not wish to know about a project I made to be published in the upcoming Holidays idea book, my feelings about the first chapter of Breaking Dawn or the amazing LOST finale...

1) I try to post something at least once a day, but sometimes more important things get in the way. I got home from work last night and had to make something for my other work. I can't show a full-on picture of the project because I'm not allowed to and unfortunately I won't be able to post a finished project pic until about September. But, here are some sneak peaks of the thing I made last night.

2) I looked at Stephenie Meyer's website this morning and was directed to the Entertainment Weekly website where they have an exclusive short excerpt from the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. Read it yourself here.

My feelings about it? I'm a little disappointed because Bella is not being very cooperative with how I want her to be. She should be in heaven because she's engaged to Edward. In this excerpt you find out that she's driving around in a new, fancy, tinted-window car, her black credit card is burning a hole in her pocket, she thinks everyone is staring at her and she thinks her engagement ring is drawing attention. (By the way, I googled "black credit card" because it's the second time I've come across that term in two days. Click on the first "black" to be directed to a snopes link where you can find out about the real black AmEx - very interesting!) If the rest of the first chapter doesn't get more positive I'm going to cry. Bella Bella Bella. Be happy!

I think reading the entire first chapter of Breaking Dawn tomorrow (ahhh!) is going to be more harmful than helpful with my obsession.

3) LOST. OMG. That was the best two hours of my life! I laughed, I cried, I got goosebumps. Pretty much every emotion the human body is capable of feeling I felt last night. Desmond and Penny were reunited - yay. Claire showed up in the middle of the night at Kate's house and was visiting Aaron - I screamed out loud, so scary! We finally found out who was in the coffin from the season finale of last year - Jeremy Bentham a.k.a. John Locke - curious. Ben successfully managed to move the island by crawling into an icy pit in the center of the island and turning a wheel - WTH? Who comes up with this stuff, it's great! My favorite lines - Locke: If you kill him every one on the boat is going to die! Ben: So? - LOL.

I still have many many questions. Who is Jacob? What is up with Jack's dad and his relationship with Jacob? Where is Clair? What's Jeremy Bentham/John Locke's story? Is Jin alive? Where did the island go? Did everyone who was on the island get moved along with it (like Juliette and Sawyer)? What is the whole Mr. Charles Widmore deal? (I hate Alan Dale by the way, he's been in so many TV shows/movies that I love. The X-Files. The OC. 24. The new Indiana Jones movie. He can't just be bouncing around from character to character...grrr.)

I need to contact my brother and ask him what his thoughts are. He predicted this season would be flashforwards - correct. He believed Jack's dad had something to do with Jacob - correct again. It's like he can see the future of Lost. Maybe he's tapped into Desmond's skills.

Hope I didn't ruin anything for anyone!


  1. The first thing we're going to have Eric do when he comes home from his mission is catch up on Lost. We'll sit him in front of the TV with a pile of dvds and not let him up until he figures everything out for us!

  2. Cant wait to see the entire project. If its in paper trends I may be in the same issue.


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