The One with Disneyland 8.1.11

Monday, August 1, 2011

While Chris was studying his brains out this morning (he's taking part one of the boards tomorrow... wish him luck!) Fox and I let him work in peace by spending time at Disneyland!
Gosh I'm gonna miss this place when we move in two years.


  1. He looks like such a big boy! I can't believe he rode on a merry-go-round!

  2. "Hey, Chris. What are you gonna do after the boards?"

    "I'm going to Disneyland!"

  3. I've never been to're so lucky to live so close!! :)

  4. I've told my husband "Next time we PCS, if we can't be close to family, we better be close to a Disney!" I've got all the AFB's close (within 2 hours) listed and ready.

  5. less than 2 months! these posts get me so pumped!

  6. So I'm a weirdo and I look at your old posts so I can see all the things I can look forward to and things Scarlett will be doing since her and Fox have the same birthday :) I have a question...I've yet to attempt Disneyland by myself and was wondering on any tips you could give me. I feel stressed out when my mom comes to help me, I'm not sure I could handle it on my own. I definitely need to invest in a littler stroller, that's for sure...but anything else that helps you?


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