The One with Phone Blogging

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So we're in Colorado for the annual Evans family reunion and the cabin we're at doesn't have the internet. Say what!?!? Thank goodness for smart phones to keep me connected to the outside world at least a little bit. It seems I won't be able to compose a decent post until Saturday upon our return to civilization. Until then, ciao bellas!


  1. You brought a smile to my face about your reaction to the "no internet zone your now in" :) I usually have the same reaction!

  2. OH! I wish I could do a post on my phone! I cannot figure out that technology for the life of me!

    Hope you have a great time--can't wait to see pics;)

  3. ah what?? Have fun Paige! Wish I was there!

  4. You are always traveling! Yes, I agree, my smartphone was a lifesaver at Yellowston! Pics to come from that trip!


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