The One with Allie and Tate's Wedding

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We've just spent the past 5 days in Washington for my little sister's wedding!
The big day was Saturday April 13th 2013.
We woke up to a dash of snow on the ground!
Me-n-my-mini-me before she headed to the temple with Malm.
The original Taylor girls.
The sealing was beautiful; I don't think there was a dry eye in the room at the end. Allie and Tate walked out of the temple, hand-in-hand, married for time and all eternity!
You may kiss the bride! | The Seattle Temple (which technically isn't even in Seattle, it's in Bellevue - technicalities).
Eric and Jane have formed a lasting bond. Keep reading.
Allie and her in-laws, the Litchfields. 
More snapshots from the day taken from family's instagram with hashtag #litchfieldlove13
After the sealing there was a wedding lunch at Maggiano's. Poor Jane was a tired little girl.
Uncle Eric to the rescue! He ASKED to hold Jane (which is a big deal in and of itself!) and then he caressed her forehead until she magically fell asleep. It was probably the sweetest thing in the world - aside from Allie and Tate's wedding of course!
I got a little bit of it on camera:
Fox had had enough too and fell asleep in Chris's arms.
As if the sealing and lunch weren't enough... :) the reception took place at Happy Valley Grange, just down the hill from our home. It's an old building in the middle of lush, green land that looks like it's straight out of a European pasture. So gorgeous. And yes there were ponies to boot! 
The day before a bunch of us decorated this place top to bottom. I thought it was going to take alllll day long - but it only took 4 hours! Sweet beans! Seriously, couldn't this be in a magazine? Good job envisioning everything Allie, and Malm for making all the tassels and succulents, and Dald for forking over all the cash and making the giant LOVE letters that were the hit of the party.
These giant LOVE letters my dad made were the focal point at the front of the reception. The most popular question was what is he gonna do with them now? Hopefully try and rent them out!
The wedding sign-in book that I made for Allie was a success! People got their photo taken with an instax camera, they washi taped them inside, and wrote a little note to the bride and groom.

Pretty flowers everywhere.
Details from the night.
Janey in an "O"!
My gorgeous sister.
I'm so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Warner came! So many people traveled from near and far to attend the wedding. I love being with my family.
Another view of the reception.
I think I look a lot like my Grandma Cathie in these photos! Jane is such a sweetie pie.
Allie's bridal bouquet.
Hors d'oeuvres and desserts were catered. Fancy schmancy.
A few more pics from the night.
Cutting the cake!
After cutting the cake Allie threw her bouquet. But don't take my word for it, I caught it on camera!

The happy wedded couple:
Congrats Allie and Tate! Love you to pieces and love you whole!


  1. What a beautiful ceremony! LOVING all the pics!!!

  2. beautiful!!! :) I love everything about this!!

  3. So pretty! And you really do look like your grandmother in that photo- you'll have to do something special with those photos together! :)

  4. wow, what an amazing wedding. your sister looked stunning and there is a huge resemblence in the family genes. all those succulents and tiny touches totally made it so beautiful. i want a paige book now :)

  5. That sure was a fun wedding! Love all your pictures! Thanks for all your help.

  6. That sure was a fun wedding! Love all your pictures! Thanks for all your help.

  7. WONDERFUL summary! LOVE all the pictures!!

  8. i wish i could have been there! everything turned out amazing! can't believe my little cousin Allie is married:)

  9. Beautiful wedding! I need that giant o for my wall!!!!

  10. I'm so happy for the two of them, I've been reading Allies blog since it started and they are just the cutest couple xx

  11. That reception room looks FABULOUS! And now I totally want to sneak off to Seattle and make off with those LOVE letters:)

  12. What an amazing looking wedding day! It does look straight out of a magazine. I think Allie should keep the LOVE letters in her apartment! Seriously though, your dad should start a biz making those. I would totally buy huge letters! I want an "M" so bad now! How much?...but, seriously, how much?

  13. Wow, beautiful wedding! Congrats to your sister :)

  14. what a lovely wedding! your sister looked so pretty. i absolutely love this pic of your grandma holding jane, so sweet and the pics of allie & tate in front of the little fence with the horses in the background = perfection! :)


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