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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Preface: I am NOT a runner. 
Lots of my family members are though! 
Like my mom, my (favorite :) Aunt Katy (she wins medals she's so good!), her daughters/my cousins SJ and Maren, so on and so forth. 
Not so much.
I run two feet and get a stitch in my side.
What's with that?
How do I make it go away?
I'm asking seriously - what do I do to make the pain in my side go away when I run?
Am I running "wrong"?
Is there a right way to run?
My shins HURT SO BAD after I do a run around the block.
What do I do for that?
I'd love to be a runner and run in a color run (how many times can I say "run" in one sentence?).
Those look like fun.
But I'm a whimp and can't handle pain so until I figure out how to fix getting stitches and my shins not hurting, I'ma keep just doing workout videos.
Your thoughts and advice is mucho appreciated. 
Thank you in advance.
Happy runs.
Wait, what?


  1. I love running!

    Number 1 - make sure you have the right shoes! I have a feeling you're getting shin splints from having the wrong shoes. also, if you're running uphill, this can also cause shin splints. look for shoes that are not flared out when you look at them from the back. or if you go to a running store like runner's edge, they can do a running eval on you to make sure you have the right ones!

    Number 2 - start with intervals - 1 min run, 1 min walk or 3 min run, 3 min walk or 5 min run, 2 min walk and gradually work up your time.

    You'll get there! And anyway, you don't HAVE TO like running but hopefully you can learn to not HATE it :-)

    Hope I helped!

  2. Get the C25k app on your phone (I think it's by zen labs). It trains you to run a 5k in 8-9 weeks by running only 3 days a week. It tells you when to run & when to walk. I couldn't run until I got that app!
    Also, it helps to breathe with your nose AND mouth, take full breaths & let your belly expand when you breathe in so you can get more air. good luck! :)

  3. Do you have an iPhone? have a google phone :). There's is an app called Get Running that has seriously changed my life. It's amazing. The key for me was to force myself through the first few days. I literally thought I was going to die. And good running shoes. I have knee issues and new proper shoes have made all the difference in the world. Night and day. And I am not am exerciser or a runner. But this app is making me one and its making it easy.

  4. Paige I get the thing in my side too lol. I did couch to 5k and it worked. I just still hated running lol! The app is free and you don't need anything special. I want to do acolcolor run too. Looks so much fun!

  5. Sorry... I will admit .. so not a runner either :)

  6. I've always hated running and got the same shin splints and side stitches (plus breathing issues) but there was a moment in time recently when I started and I went to a running store, got the right shoes, started out walk/running, got my favorite tunes and started running on the balls of my feet instead of the heels hitting first (weird at first ut I got used to it) and between all that, I overcame a lot of the issues. I still don't love it but I know I can do it now. I would love to do a color run and maybe a mud run but i gotsta get my training booty in gear first! Good luck! Can't wait to read what others have to say.

  7. Hey Paige! :) Definitely check out your local running store (I believe they have Road Runner Sports in Pasadena) and they will check out how you run and get you in the right shoes. That will usually get rid of the shin splints.

    The side stitches can be caused by a few things. You wanna make sure you wait an hour after eating to run, and that you are well hydrated. Also, I've read it can be caused by breathing shallowly. I also saw that running too fast when you're not in shape can cause it. So slow down a little and concentrate on your breathing, maybe? :) I went from being almost 200 pounds and a size 14 and literally did the Couch to 5K and I now wear a size 2/4 and can run 3 miles, no problem. In fact, I got out of running shape over the holidays, and I've graduated the program twice! :) I hate losing, so I was determined to get the workouts done, no matter how many days I had to try it.

  8. Running store = they will watch you walk/run, measure your feet and find the best shoe for YOU. Intervals are definitely great for beginners and the C25k program is awesome too! Breathing too shallowly and holding your breath can cause the side stitches.

  9. Hey Paige,

    When I was getting huge into running last year, I hated it as well. I would always get a side stitch. I learned best from my trainer and it made a huge difference. These are a couple of pointers she gave me:

    1. In order to get rid of the side stitch, you need to get your body conditioned. Meaning, do intervals, walk, run, walk, run. Give it 2 weeks and you will feel a change.

    2. Don't eat anything solid before you go. I would eat a banana or 1 serving of apple sauce 30 min before my run. This gives you energy and no side stitch.

    3. Drink lots of water all day! This helps tremendously. Your body will be hydrated. Drink a little while you're running too and drink lots of water afterwards.

    Just these few pointers my trainer gave me has helped me out a ton. Oh and the color run? LOVE it! Did one last fall in St. George and doing the SLC one in June. A great way to stay motivated to keep running! Good Luck and let me know if any of this helps.

  10. I'm way heavier than you and I love to run, if my fat butt can do it you can too! Get a decent pair of shoes, don't eat or drink 30 min before running (have some water and a yogurt 1hr-45minfirst), and also try a caffeine supplement. Don't go overboard, like 200mg before your run will give you more energy, more stamina, and is actually a good thing! Keep us posted :)

  11. Learning to breath was the hardest things for me. I ran shorter distances first and slowly worked up. Go to a running store and ask them to help you get a running shoe. If you don't go then I recommend getting a size to a size and a half bigger shoe and get something that is comfortable. I love asics they are my go to shoe. I hope you have fun in the race. :) I am still debating on if I wanna run in a color race. :) good luck and keep at it. Don't get discouraged because you will get the stitch to go away in a week or two after consistently running and getting enough air to your lower lungs.

  12. I just sent you a lengthy email about this topic. Enjoy!


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