The One with the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop

Saturday, April 20, 2013

One show that Chris and I enjoy watching together is Pawn Stars on the History Channel.

We drove to Las Vegas for Allie's wedding reception and met up with my parents outside this famous pawn shop to see all that there is to see!
You have to line up and wait to enter - unless you're a resident of Nevada then you can go right ahead on in!
We only waited for like 5 minutes though so it was all good! It looks just like it does on TV - imagine that :)
Lots of Chumlee paraphernalia for purchase everywhere!
Other fun things.
 As fate would have it, Rebecca Romney (Manager, Bauman Rare Books, Las Vegas), the expert of rare and antiquarian books and documents, was at the shop signing autographs and saying hello!
She was super nice and friendly and asked how far we came, what we were doing there, etc.
And we got her autograph! Fun!
I'm a sucker for seeing and going to places like this.


  1. Next time lets go see Rick's Restorations!

  2. I went to a pawn shop in Salt Lake City for the first time a bit ago. They're a really cool experience.


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