The One with I'm Off Candy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've had a sweet tooth my entire life. 
There's a reason Halloween is my favorite holiday. 
Ever since I can remember I've had a bowl full of candy in my house, always within arm's reach.
Candy + me = 
That is, until March 28th, 2013.
That's the last day I ate a piece of candy.
I did not have even a single piece on Easter.
What is going on? 
Who am I and what did I do with Paige?
Well, on March 29th, 2013 I woke up and decided to not eat candy anymore.
Cold turkey.
Just like that. 
My friend V goes without candy for Lent - she's my inspiration.
So are the seemingly dozens of other scrappers and friends that are on Weight Watchers and running marathons and doing Cross Fit and P90X and Insanity, etc. You guys are amazing!
I also said I wasn't going to have any sort of dessert until my birthday on May 28th, but I blew it at Allie's wedding lunch...
And you know what?
I don't even miss it.
It's been nearly 3 weeks and every day it gets easier!
It definitely helps that we threw out the bowl full of candy so there aren't any temptations sitting around begging to be eaten.
Although I cringed a little inside watching the full bag of Cadbury Eggs surrender to the wastebasket...
But I feel so much healthier already!
And I've lost 5 pounds :)


  1. I should probably follow your example on this one. It definitely does get easier, but oh it's so good. Sweetness. Delicious lovelies. Maybe. Ugh! Good for you, though, Paige!


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