The One with From Venice to Venice

Saturday, December 28, 2013

We went to Venice California in May and we went to Venice Italy today! 
2013 has been an incredible year and I'm excited to do a round up post on the last day of 2013 to see and relive all of our exciting adventures. Can 2013 be topped? Only time will tell!

Also, congrats to the winner of the 2Peas Gardeners' Digest December 2013 Blog Hop: Iara!
Congrats Iara - email me at paigetaylorevans at gmail dot com to claim your cardstock pack!


  1. How fun!! I can't wait to see the photos!! and CONGRATS to your winner!!!

  2. I would rather go to Venice, Italy ANY day!!!! LOVE it there!

  3. That's all we get! We want the pictures por favor haha!

  4. Aw, I'm envious of all of your instagram shots! Living vicariously through you guys! Can't wait for you to post them all here!!! :)


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