The One with Santa 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

 I only wish my kids shared in my enthusiasm.
One is crying her head off. The other is totally uninterested.
Gotta love 'em. 


  1. HAHAHAHA, these pictures are the best!!

  2. hehe. I love that Fox has zero interest in Santa or comforting poor Jane. He looks like he's planning an exit strategy. :)

  3. I think they're scared of the big things behind them. They look like they MIGHT be moose, but I dunno.... These are awesome pics!

    I miss those cuties!

  4. HA the only way my (now 6 yr. old) would sit on be around Santa was my Husband always ended up in the pictures was the FUNNEST thing. until she was 5 and she went right up to Santa and was all excited of course my Hubby & I had our jaws on the floor and well LOVED it.. My boys always actually loved Santa. We took the baby to Santa (she's 5mths) and did pretty good I must say go figure (yeah I give her a year Ha)

  5. Poor Janey. She was just under the weather


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