The One with Jane's Bangs

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jane's bangs were getting out of control. One afternoon, I was bored, then I remembered this image I pinned years ago and always wanted to try when I had a daughter "someday":
Someday was the other day! I grabbed Chris's hair cutting scissors, doused Jane's head with water, and went to town.

Thirty seconds later, she was a brand new girl!
America's Next Top Baby Model :)
It's super un-even haha, but I ain't claiming to be a professional!

No more hair in her face and she looks like a legit German gal now :)
Moral of the story: Don't be around me when I'm bored :)
And now we call Jane "Bangerang".


  1. Ooooh she is adorable! A woman with a scissor can't me stopped right? :)

  2. Here hair is wayyy cuter than the photo you pinned!! Too dang much cuteness :) I have all boys, five of them, and there is no way around the un even bangs. As soon as you tell them not to move, what do they do? At least with girls you can make it work tho....lovin it!

  3. So cute! I would never venture to cut my Jayne's bangs. I always take her to get them done. But i would say you were very successful. :)

  4. Looks like a perfect job to me. We have neighbors in the circle next door to Lucile Christiansen whose last name is Bangerter. They have all boys whose hair sticks straight up. Couldn't she have had fun with a girl's hair! I used to stick scotch tape across their hair to have a line to follow. Lucky you are an artist. Jane is a beautiful child and seems to have your mom's easy going personality.

  5. I took you to a beauty salon to get your bangs cut when you were about 2 years old. Grandma and Aunt Katy came with us, I think. I think I have your first locks of beautiful golden hair in an envelope somewhere.


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