The One with Polish Pottery

Friday, February 7, 2014

Collecting Polish Pottery is a "thing" right?
 Especially living over here in Germany, being so close to Poland and all, lots of lovely ladies I know collect it!

When my friend Crystal got back from Poland a few weeks ago with loot galore, some gals in my ward decided to arrange an overnighter to Poland to see if we can get in on the action.
Girl's weekend? I'm there! 
So that's where I'm going today and tomorrow and we'll see if I'm bitten by the Polish Pottery bug!

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  1. That is pretty intricate pottery! Just don't buy a whole kiln worth :)

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh I love this pottery!! Gorgeous! Have fun!!!!

  3. I have severeal pieces my mom gave me. They bake evenly and clean easily...on top of looking nice!

  4. So, I'm new to your blog (love it!) and I have to tell you that I am obsessed with this type of pottery. My cousin does lots of business work in Poland and started bringing it back for his wife a couple years ago. Can you buy it in Germany? I'm going to be there this summer (not Poland, sadly!) and would love to pick some up... those spoon rests are gorgeous!

  5. gorgeous pottery! i would love to collect it!! i'll take one of each, please! ;)
    enjoy your girl trip!

  6. Have fun! I LOVE that pottery. I'm with Lauren...I'll take one of each as well.

  7. Wow...those are beautiful pieces! So many pretty blues!

  8. Pretty. Poland is a great place to buy amber too

  9. @Creole: Actually you can buy it in Germany, even online. Search for "Bunzlauer Keramik", there are even online stores. But of course Poland is worth a visit even without Bunzlauer!


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