The One with Insta-Lately August 7th Edition

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's almost been two months since my last "insta-lately" update! Just like last time, we've done soooooo much since June! (Vaduz, Liechtenstein | Bern, Switzerland | Murten, Switzerland | Mürren and Gimmelwald, Switzerland | Thun and the Bern Temple, Switzerland | Zürich, Switzerland | Paris, France Day 1 | Paris, France Day 2 | Versailles, France | Kalovy Vary, Czech Republic), various flea markets, girls' nights, dates, and more! So, here's a little bit of what we've been up to according to my phone and instagram feed (@paigetaylorevans):

Back in February we gave Fox some watercolors and let him have at it. What he created blew me away! It's the modern-art lover in me :) I framed his work and hung them in his room because I love them so much. 

Photo collage from our afternoon in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Not a whoooole lot to do there, but it's another country on our list!

I've blogged about the following photos from our trip to Switzerland in June, but, I want to share them again :)

Waaaaaaay up high in Mürren, Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland. I've never seen water so blue!

Janey looks like a ghost!

The prettiest macaroons in Zürich, Switzerland!

OMG. Joey sheds like WHAT. We could make a whole new dog from his hair loss! I wasn't able to pick up all the pieces but guess what? I saw birds carrying it all away, presumably for their nests! 

Baffles me that Jane has such light blue/gray eyes!

My SC kit is here :)

We had a girls' night a few weeks ago and made Cafe Rio salads. I miss Cafe Rio something fierce!

Someone ordered a beautiful assortment of pacifier clips from my etsy shop - I just had to take a picture to remember if we ever have another baby and it's a girl I want to make these ones for her!

Jaaaaaaaane in her post-nap piggies.

I blogged about this paper heart headband tutorial and then grammed this picture. I know I'm biased, but I think she's darling :)

Found this vintage frame and ship-in-a-bottle at a flea market for only a buck or two a piece!

Jane imitating a monkey.

The German countryside is so beautiful. I love just driving around running various errands and taking it all in.

Blue house! I love the bright colors people paint their houses and buildings.

Our magnet board - we buy a magnet from every city we visit.

A Throwback Thursday layout I grammed from when I guest designed for Hambly Studios.

Spaces are going fast for the mini album and layout workshops Janna Werner and I are teaching at Scrapbook Werkstatt near Frankfurt on September 27th and 28th!!

I blogged this picture already too, but it's my favorite view in Paris.

I hosted a giveaway on my instagram account (@paigetaylorevans)

After seeing my friend's picture of her daughter in one of these londylocks headbands, I just had to get one for Jane too! The power of social media :)

Another #tbt project of the mini album I created while working in-house at American Crafts as a team creative project. I miss those days :)

The beginning stages of a layout I made recently.

Darling Jane.


Obsessed with this lime green house with tons of deck flowers across from the German post office in Grafenwöhr.

She's TWO!

Stack of layouts I'm dreading putting away. It takes me HOURS to file them chronologically in their albums... Someone do it for me please???

Have you heard the big news?!

Thai food. It's what's for dinner.

These colored threads at a flea market alllllmost made their way into my life. But I opted to take a picture of their rainbow-happiness instead.

From today. Jane and I went to lunch at Charley's in the PX. She got chicken strips and fries and I got a salad. She loves "brown sip" just like her brother. 
And that's what we've been up to as of late! Tomorrow we're going to Kraków, Poland! Travel recaps coming soon!


  1. That picture of Jane as a monkey is my favorite!!!

  2. I loved that you framed his art!
    Our dog sheds like that too ... he only weighs 19 pounds, and I swear it's ALL FUR!! Come home and we have to start scooping it off the carpet in the main living room!
    And we buy a magnet from places we visit too!! Will have to try that magnet board idea!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh My Gosh...that photo of Joey is hilarious!! HA!

  4. Paige - we recently adopted a Shiba and I'd love to know how often you brush Joey - it seems like our Chloe needs to be brushed every other day or house looks like a white tornado.

  5. Lyne - congrats on your new shiba! We brush him a lot when he's blowing his coat which is supposed to happen twice a year but it seems like it happens every other month!

  6. So much happiness in one post! Love the yummy photos!


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