The One with New Covered Goods™

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My favorite gift to give my friends who are expecting? A Covered Goods™ nursing cover!
 My friend Jamie Yetter is the designer and owner of Covered Goods™ and she didn't even ask me to write this post, I just really really REALLY honestly and truly think this is the best nursing cover there is on the market :)
As a mother of three beautiful girls and a handsome son, Jamie faced a common fear while nursing in public: exposure! And listen, I totally get and understand that some women are all about nursing openly in public. Props to them, really! But I personally don't want my goods revealed :) 
Covered Goods™ nursing covers give you all the benefits that the traditional covers do… and more! They provide true all over coverage, front AND back, and are made of super comfy, breathable fabric that stretches. There aren't any straps or rings to mess with, they take seconds to put on and take off, and they alleviate any worry that your baby will kick or pull your cover off. The flexible neck can also be worn down under one arm to give you even more freedom to use that arm while nursing. The added benefit of the flexible neck allows you to peek in on your baby or make sure your little one has latched properly. The cover can be folded very small for storage without worry of ruining it. With Covered Goods™  you can truly nurse anytime, anywhere!
(photo from Ashley Cooper Design Studio)

Even Amy Tangerine sports a Covered Goods™ :)

 Covered Goods™ can also double as a carseat cover to keep Baby shaded and cozy while sleeping.
BONUS: Covered Goods™ look like infinity scarves so that's exactly how I wear mine these days since I'm not nursing.
The point of this post? Jamie just released five new fabrics that I LOVE and I have to spread the word!

So. Women of Grafenwöhr and surrounding areas - want a Covered Goods™? Just have a baby and invite me to your shower :)


  1. Do you know what type of fabric these are made out of? I've been thinking about getting one, but I hate polyester. Hoping it's cotton! :)

  2. The seat cover would be great for transporting friend's dogs and rescue/fosters! I would choose that. - See more at read me


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