The One with Gelnhausen, Germany

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Saturday afternoon a few of the ladies at the workshop asked if I'd like to tag along with them and explore Altstadt Gelnhausen (the old town). I was planning on going by myself Sunday morning, but going with scrapbooking buddies? Even better!

We found a parking place, walked for a bit, turned a corner, and saw THIS:

Made me such a happy girl :)

Self timer group shot:
Human being group shot:
Such a darling/charming/quaint town!
I mean really.
Keep this funky building in mind. 
We found a cute cafe recommended by Tina.
The inside reminded me of Anthropologie.
Cute table settings.
Sandra trying to take a bite of my chocolate & vanilla cake. 
I ordered white hot chocolate and had to melt the chocolate in the piping hot milk myself! Never had to do that before, quite the experience!
Remember that funky building? When we exited the cafe we saw THIS:
Say whaaaat? This room pulls out like a drawer!! Crazy!!! Never seen anything like this before!
Scrappy friends :)
Then we walked up to the Obermarkt.
O.M.Goodness. Looooooove.
Half timbered buildings everywhere.
Crooked half timbered buildings no less!
We walked to the church and took a gander inside. 
A"door"able! Hehe.
A final view of the Obermarkt.
Okay Gelnhausen, you win, you're officially my new favorite German town :)


  1. What a beautiful town!!! I am LOVING that funky house/building with the drawer look!! That is AWESOME!!!

  2. Oh goodness!!!!! I love! So darn cute and charming! I love your "self-timer" picture and then "human being" picture. HA! Looks like so much fun...makes me crave a girls trip (?!?)

  3. Looks like you Ladies had a great time, and how fun is that pull out room!! So awesome!!

  4. I still can't get over those cute little houses. And that one that pulls out like a drawer? Insane!!!!

  5. I absolutely adore it too :D

  6. The doors are amazing, Paige. what a beautiful little town.

  7. That looks adorable!!!! LOVE it! I wanna go!!! :-(


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