The One with the Nürnberg Flea Market

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I am officially addicted to flea marketing (yes, it's a verb). Or, if we want to get legit German about it, flohmarkt-ing! We arrived at Jamie's house at 7:30am and drove an hour to Nürnberg. Let the thrifting begin! 
(left to right: Emily, Tera, Jami, Amy, me)
 We passed the cutest bakery that looked straight out of Paris! It's called Für Sie vegetarisch = For Your Vegetarian (subtitles: Steinmühlenbrote = Stone Mill breads & Gourmet-Feinkost = Gourmet Delicatessen)
We walked in circles for a bit trying to find where the flea market was, good times :) Pretty lanes and alleys to keep my photo-happy self happy!
There are so many old and historic buildings in Nürnberg. This was one of the first cities we walked through when we moved to Germany - The One with Nuremberg, Germany. Love it then, love it now!

Gimme gimme gimme! No, I didn't get it, but it's rather darling.
Vintage coat hangers, key hangers, towel hangers, what have you.
I love all this shabby chic and rustic and wrought iron stuff, but I just don't know how to make it look good in my home! We're in the "we own cheap IKEA furniture so if it gets destroyed by children or pets it won't be a huge loss" phase of our lives.
One man's trash is the next man's treasure.
I dunno what I'd do with these, but they're cute!
Amy bargained with this sweet German fellow to get a stunning painted wooden umbrella holder. It's on my list to get something like this, but a painted milk bucket, at a flea market before we're outta here!
Flowers still adorning windows, even though the seasons are on the brink of change. Love 'em. I'll miss 'em when they're gone soon.
Knick knacks and thingamabobs.
The main market square was filled with a flower and food market.
So fun to be shopping right under such neat buildings and structures!
By this point it was raining. And when I say raining I mean a torrential downpour. We tried to take cover under an enclosed section but got yelled away by a man and his precious pretzels. Sorry, haha!

Us and our loot! 

My one treasure is this copper bezeled and painted artwork of Nürnberg.

Then a few minutes after I got home Jami linked me up to a local fleamarket Facebook group where I found this delicious morsel:
I was imagining it would be well over $1k and didn't even get my hopes up. But it's under $400! Yay or nay? I'd call it my Marie Antoinette couch :)

Always a good time with the ladies! Can't wait til the next flohmarkt!


  1. I LOVE flohmarkt-ing!! :D
    I was going to one this Saturday too but the heavy rain stopped me... The one you were at looks terricfic.

  2. I would have died and gone to heaven!!!!

  3. Buy the couch! $400 - that's a steal.

  4. Definitely get the couch!! That is an awesome price. I've always wanted one...maybe when all the kids are over 20!! 😄

  5. Ah! Love this post!! You're fabulous Paige!


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