The One with Crop Am Rhein 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I had the fun opportunity to teach at Crop Am Rhein 2015! Last year was amazing and this year followed in its footsteps. I left home around lunch last Friday and arrived at 5pm. Driving through Germany is like driving through a fairytale: castles, rolling hills, tall-steeple churches, picturesque towns. Sigh. I heart Deutschland.

Passing through Remagen - the city where the crop took place. Cutest buildings.

Hallo Hotel Oberwinter! So nice to be back!
The event is called Crop Am Rhein because it's right on the Rhein River. All day, every day, large boats transporting who-knows-what float down the stream.
Checking in.
My comfy cozy li'l room. 
We ate dinner at 7pm - meat, potatoes, the works, and then I headed to my room to catch up on my correspondence. The next morning I woke up at 5am, excited to start the day, and compose yesterday's blog post :) The view from the hotel is my favorite and I loved watching the colors and lighting change as the day progressed. Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!
After breakfast I ran upstairs to set up for my first class. 
Here are the two layouts I taught how to make:
HAPPY by Paige Evans

SO ADORABLE by Paige Evans

Thank you to docrafts, Elle's Studio, and Maya Road for the supplies - so so generous!

One of the fun traditions at CAR is to create "CMCs" - Car Memory Cards. Basically they're 3" square souped-up business cards. I planned to make some, then decided I didn't have enough time, then a few hours before I left I decided to make 'em. So mine are super simple compared to everyone else's, but hey, hopefully it's the thought that counts!
Let the fun begin!
Every year Barbara likes to do some kind of fun photoshoot. This year we used props and took instax pics. Good times :)
The sound of paper cutting, punches punching. adhesive rollers rolling, and all around merry-making is such a delight.
A few photos from instagram.

I love when people venture out and create their own thing.
From picking and choosing her own select colors, to changing the background paper, to dropping spray mist... it's fun to see the variations. Sometimes people create layouts that I like even more than mine! ;)
Teaching at Crop Am Rhein on Saturday February 28th 2015.
The second class was just as fun as the first.
Barbara captured me on camera when my Paige's Pages class went live!
After lunch we went outside to get a big group photo.
At 5pm I headed home so I could be in bed before 10pm. This girl needs her sleep :)

Hopefully I'll be back next year!


  1. Looks like fun! Thanks for taking good care of her, Barbara!

  2. Love your layouts Paige!! Looks like you guys had fun!!

  3. "catch up on my correspondence" - Just like Rachel! So funny.

  4. DAAAAANG! you tell me I missed exchanging a CMC with you as well!? i still have some from Last year....


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