The One with So Far in Denver

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Saturday I packed up two huge and heavy suitcases, kissed the kiddos goodbye (why does Jane look bigger than Fox here?) and drove 2.5 hours to the Frankfurt airport. 
It was my first time flying out of Frankfurt and figuring it out all by myself was an adventure. Luckily things went smoothly and after being passed around from counter to counter for having an extra bag (really? You're only allowed ONE bag on an international flight?) and paying the hefty fee, I got through security and then found some lunch. An actual bagel! I sat and read and watched the planes take off. 
Even though I was a couple hours early, the plane was already at the gate - very good sign! Kinda looks like Dusty Crophopper no?
Frankfurt is the main hub for Lufthansa. I was amazed at how much American English I heard all around me.
The ceilings. Cool, if you're into that industrial sort of look.
My international flying track record isn't the greatest, so I was happy as a clam when the plane took off right on schedule! To pass the time (it was a 9 hour flight) I watched some movies: Imitation Game (SO GOOD! And I had no idea that the war was so manipulated? Really makes me think...), Interstellar (also an awesome movie), and Mockingjay Part 1. I also worked on a massive stitching project. Here is the before:
And here is how much I got done on the plane:
I'll share the layout once I'm finished!

I wasn't sitting by a window so every once in awhile I got up to stretch my legs and look out the back windows. As we were flying over northeastern Canada I needed a breather so I got up, with my camera of course.
What did I see? A whole lotta ice. 
But wait! What is that? No way! It can't be! It is! A PERFECTLY SHAPED HEART formed by ice and water!
Nature is so amazing. 
Then some old guy came up to me as I was snapping away and asked if I was interested in sea ice....??? Um... not really? Is that a "thing"? I just like taking photos... It was a little weird so I sat back down, only after showing the flight attendant and the nice lady I was sitting next to my #heartsinnature photo.

We landed just three hours after I took off - due to the time change :) It was a beautiful and warm day in Denver. Not gonna lie, as we were landing I looked out one of the far windows and saw the Rocky Mountains and started to cry. I am very familiar with Denver and the DIA - Chris is from Denver so we've been many-a-time. So good to be HOME. The wave of emotion that came over me was just too much and I cried. So what of it? :)
Let me tell you though, being a visitor in your own homeland is WEIRD! Like, what do I put on the customs form? Home, family, business, pleasure? I'm here on a business trip, but it's my original home. Where it said to list the countries visited, I put none. Then when I was going through customs the dude was like, didn't you visit Germany? Oh yeah... I did... but I live there because we're in the US Army... so.... and he let me through. Took about an hour to get through customs. I don't wanna talk about it. I'm glad for the measures they take to keep us safe, I just don't like having to go through it myself.
As we drove along we passed so many old familiar places that once again brought me to tears: 7-11, Safeway, a legit mall, Texas Roadhouse (mmmm!) and.... TARGET! Just to name a few. Goodness I hope I get to step foot in a Target while I'm here!
Downtown Denver.
I'm staying at a hotel where every floor is themed. Imagine my delight when I popped out onto the "science fiction" floor, turned the corner, and saw this poster:
(In case you don't know what this poster is, it's from the X-Files. I LOVE X-Files. I have a son named Fox afterall). It was meant to be :)
I had to try my darndest to stay awake and I needed to get some food in my belly. Where-oh-where to get my first meal back in the good ol' US of A? I remember going to a Spaghetti Factory with Chris when we were just kids, so I looked it up and found it was only a few blocks away. Passing by the 16Th street mall. 
The Spaghetti Factory was super crowded because people were out celebrating St. Patrick's Day (two days early) so I just ordered my meal at the bar. People. ICE IN MY DRINK! FREE REFILLS! It's the little things.
I ordered my usual Mizithra cheese. I actually only ate a few bites as I watched the latest episode of The Blacklist because I was so deliriously tired. I went to sleep at 7:45pm - 2:45am Germany time.

On Sunday I woke up and had the entire day all to myself. It's been over a decade since that's happened! First thing's first - breakfast. Delicious waffles topped with sweet syrup, bacon cooked to perfection, tasty sausage, yummy potatoes, a muffin, and some strawberries and pineapple. The All American Breakfast.
Then I went next door and got a manicure. I hardly ever get my nails done. I think the last time I did was for our wedding almost 8 years ago. I tried the gel stuff and I love the way it looks! I might be hooked...
Time for lunch! I was craving some Noodles & Co Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. My wish is my command :)
I sent Chris this photo of all the ski resorts - I've actually been to quite a few of them, though never to ski. And the pic on the right is the fancy soda dispenser at Noodles. Never encountered one of these before!
Next stop: an Apple Pie Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! (When in Rome the USA!) Oh. My Goodness. It was almost $10 for this thing! Are you kidding?! $10 for an apple?! Sure, every bite was delicious, but that's highway robbery. I could get 50 apples for $10! Anyway....
This place is right across from where I'm staying - apparently it's been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?
At this point in the day it was HOT. It was almost 80 degrees and I was in full-fall gear: boots, sweater, etc. I was burning up. So I went into a few stores and came out with more things than I probably should have. Look, there are no Forever 21s or H&Ms or GAPs out where I live. Yes, I can shop online, but it's not the same as trying things on! So I did and it was awesome.
Then I went and saw Cinderella. SO CUTE! Loved it! So much eye candy! And I loved the Frozen short beforehand - those little sneeze snowmen? Adorable.
A beautiful day in Denver.
So..... the reason I'm here?????? To film a couple of classes for Craftsy!
Can't talk much about them yet, but I'm so super excited. They're two topics I'm very passionate about. It's been so nerve-wracking being in front of the camera, but everyone is super nice and awesome and helpful and understanding.
My changing room and "star".
2 days of filming down, 3 to go!

Then earlier tonight I met up with fellow crafter and Craftsy teacher - Danielle Flanders and we got some pizza for dinner. Danielle is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She gave me a box of some of her BEAUTIFUL cards. Seriously, she's the world's best cardmarker! I'll have to take pictures of them, they're so gorgeous - too gorgeous to give away :)
Margherita pizza, my fave. 
Whelp, I'm still a little jet-lagged and this post has taken me four days to write, so I'm calling it good! Peace out!


  1. I was actually on your blog as this came up! LOL. :) I'm so glad you're having such a great time. Loved this post! And man, I'm so glad you took advantage of Denver! WOW! You did A TON of stuff! LOL. I'm jealous of your energy. I would pay good money to be able to do all that in one day. :-)

  2. Looks like soooo much fun. I HOPE you get to go to a Target this week!

  3. yay, welcome home. Its totally the little things. Can't wait to see the videos.

  4. Aww. Happy to hear that Denver made you so, so happy. Enjoy your time stateside, Paige!

  5. Always love your travel photos! So glad to meet you!!

  6. sounds like an ADVENTURE--LOVE Denver and HOW cool is that--CRAFTSY?! Congrats--and ENJOY!!!

  7. So fun to meet up with Dani!! Hope you're enjoying the filming process for your Crafty classes!!

  8. I miss Denver! But, I miss you much more!

  9. Sounds SO awesome! I'm so happy your having an awesome time & can't wait to hear about your upcoming classes!
    This past weekend I went w/my little girl (she's 8) and we got our nails done..She got them Cinderella blue -we were going to see it the next day and I tried the nail gel manicure for the first time and I am SOOOO hooked! I keep looking at my nails all week and keep thinking WOW they still look so nice! I clean and run around after my toddler and keep house all day long so my hands are always putting in work so it's nice that after a long day of working hard you can look down at your nails and they still look so nice Ha... :)

  10. Looks like an amazing time! It must have been surreal to be back in the US!!! LOVING that you met Danielle ... she is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Happy to be traveling through your eyes ( that ice heart--wow)...I remember tearing up when I arrived back in my home country Taiwan after living in Canada for several years!I KNOW that feeling! Happy to see that you are teaching at Crafsy as I took Danielle's class and she is AMAZING (as are you!)! Love your gorgeous photo with Danielle! Alles Gute!

  12. Can't wait to take your class! When is it available? I love Craftsy classes so much! :))

  13. Everything looks pretty damn awesome!!Thanks for sharing..heating and air conditioning


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