The One with the Madrid Workshop

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I haven't finished blogging about our Southern Spain trip, and yet as fate would have it, I've already been back to Spain to teach at Shop Violeta Scrap in Madrid! Life is so crazy busy, so crazy good, and so crazy fun. Thanks to Chris for letting me follow my dreams and watching the kids practically every weekend the next couple months so I can teach.

I've actually been to Madrid before - 10 years ago when I did a 4 month long study abroad in London. Between terms I flew to Madrid where my beloved Grandma and Grandma were on a mission. Seems like it was only yesterday.
On Friday March 6th 2015 after Chris got home from work I drove myself to the Munich airport and parked in a place we'd never parked before. Doing things for the first time, especially by myself, gives me such anxiety! Luckily I found the garage without a hitch and checked in, got through security, and all that good stuff, easy breezy lemon squeezy.
The sky was blood red as it was setting. Kinda cool but kinda scary! Obviously I didn't capture the colors in this picture, but I'll always remember it.
Violeta, her mother, sister, and friend/fellow scrapbooker and English translator Lora Bailora picked me up at the airport and we drove straight to the shop in downtown Madrid.
We unloaded my kit-filled suitcase and set up for the next day's workshops.
I walked around the shop and admired all of Violeta's layouts. She's so talented!
And WOW what an amazing store she has!
I could spend hours looking in every nook and cranny, finding inspiration and new products I don't even need but have to have.
Obviously something very fascinating was happening!
People ask Violeta what she scraps about sometimes because she doesn't have a hubby or babies. Handsome men of course! :) Scrapbooking isn't only for moms and wives. Document your travels, adventures, favorites, dislikes, everyday moments, selfies, etc.
Shop details.
Love these girls!
By this point it was already 11pm - nightlife was JUST getting started in good ol' Madrid. I am so not cut out for this lifestyle - I go to bed at 9 and am awoken by my dear offspring at 6am. But, I went with flow and we went and ate some delicious tapas! Yum! By the time I fell asleep, it was around 1am.
At 5am - yes, only 4 hours later - I was wide awake. I had a choice - should I try to go back to sleep and get much-needed rest before a big day of teaching? Or should I wake up and shower and try to site-see a bit? Guess what I did?
But first, breakfast on the house.
Buenos dias Madrid!
Such cool architecture.
I glanced up at the big and beautiful blue sky and saw the most perfect flying V. How do birds know how to do that?
It was about 8am and the streets were completely deserted.
"Nice" cream! This one's for you Tina and Kiara.
I walked all the way from the hotel to the Palacio de Cibeles. Took about 40 minutes. Totally worth it.
At the main square - Puerto del Sol.
Cute alleyway which leads to the...
Plaza Mayor.
Instead of walking all the way back, I sucked it up and figured out the metro.
I made it back to the hotel in time for an hour power nap.

Lora picked me up at 10:30am and we walked to the shop to finish getting ready. People began trickling in and it was fun to meet everyone and find out where they came from.
Here is the layout I taught how to make:
Yup :)
Such a thrill to watch everyone create a layout I made and then venture out and add her own twists and ideas.
I had three hours to teach how to make one layout. Needless to say, there was about 45 minutes left in class. What could I do?? I had everyone write her name on a piece of paper and I randomly picked one. For the winner, I made her a layout on the spot using an instax photo of us. Talk about PRESSURE! I did bring it upon myself, but when everyone was encircled around me, taking photos, and FILMING, I was a sweaty nervous mess! You can't play this, but go here to watch me scrapping:
In action.
The happy winner :)
The winner with her layout.
I heart Violeta!
At 2pm we ate lunch - we ordered pizzas and mine was delicious.
From 4-7pm I taught how to make this mini album:

I do not consider myself a "mini album maker" but people love creating them. Give the people what they want :)

I tried to teach them some basic design principles and get the foundation of their albums ready then encouraged them to branch out and make it her own.
The bearded/bun guy is Violeta's friend and he translated for me. Not many gals needed it, but it did come in handy. Usually gestures and pointing can get the point across, haha.

Painting. Cutting. Pasting. Cropping. Gluing. Mixing. Matching. Keepin' 'em busy!
One of the most fun parts is seeing people's projects and photos pop up on social media!
Taking pics with gals after the class.
Thanks to everyone who came from near and far - it was so fun to meet you and scrap together!
Violeta is the nicest, sweetest, friendliest gal on earth. We couldn't talk much because I don't know Spanish very well and she doesn't know English very well, but actions speak louder than words and this lady is a peach.
After the workshop we walked around downtown Madrid and went shopping! That was SO FUN! I never go shopping when we travel! I got a dress, floral sweatshirt, and a new wallet. Then we went to the top of an El Corte Ingles building for amazing views and delicious dinner. Once again I didn't get to sleep until about 1am and had to wake up at 4:45am to get to the airport for my 7am flight. When I walked out of the hotel people were still out partying and having a ball. Do these people ever sleep?! Viva las Madrid (or something :)

Somewhere over the Swiss Alps. Still floors me that this is the view we often get on the way to home sweet (temporary) home.
I had a complete and total blast teaching at Shop Violeta Scrap in Madrid! I hope there's a next time and I can't wait to bring Chris and the kids back to Madrid so we can explore more.


  1. How fun!! Her store is GORGEOUS!!!! I have always wondered that about birds too!!!

  2. Wow! Looks like it was a fabulous certainly know how to fill in a couple of days (sightseeing in the wee morning hours, teaching a couple of classes: fun).

  3. Was a pleasure to attend this workshop!!! Nice to meet you!

  4. Was a pleasure to attend this workshop!!! Nice to meet you!

  5. Such a beautiful place, and it looks like the classes were so much fun! I love Violeta's work and she is such a cutie! And how super cute is her store!!


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