The One with Happy "π" Day

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today, March 14th 2015 at 9:26:53am/pm will be pretty flippin' awesome. 
3.141592653 = π
Do you think they'll serve pie on the airplane where I'll be ALLLLLL DAAAAAY LOOOONG? :)


  1. When Brian and I got married (today -- 7 years ago!!) ... I never even CONSIDERED it was PI day! LOL!! I just thought ... pick a day by the kids Spring Break, that can't be my brother's birthday (3/15), and on a Friday (which it was), so that not a lot of people would come (we both had previously been there, done that - wedding wise!), and look at that ... I ended up getting married on PI day!! LOL!! Does that mean Hubby has to take me out for a Pie Dessert tonight?? LOL!! :)

  2. I missed the AM 9:26 so I'll have to try and remember tonight to see it!

  3. oh! a fellow geek! hooray! i bought pi(e) yesterday! can't wait to dig in today. fellow pi friends are coming over, to scrapbook, of course! happy pi day to you, sweet girl! :)


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