The One with the Date to Nuremberg

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Friday night we went on a super fun date. It all started because I'm looking for another one of these frames for our adventure magnets and a friend suggested a thrift store in Nuremberg.

I picked up the babysitter as soon as Chris got home from work and we were off! It takes about an hour to get to Nuremberg and we found the store without a hitch. They didn't have the frames we were looking for, but the guy was super nice and suggested a Russian store closer to the center of town. And, Chris found a book (in English no less!) from his favorite author so he was a happy camper. Love this book corner!

So we drove to that Russian store but the frames they had weren't like the ones I want. However, as we were walking around town we passed a few closed antique stores so I peeked inside the windows and found some promising frames! Note to self: get to Nuremberg a little earlier in the day and check out these antique stores!

Our next goal was to check out the lovely Weissgerbergasse street. I've seen it all over Pinterest and travel feeds so I needed to visit it myself! Lo and behold it was just as beautiful in person as it was in photos! And yet, here is a photo of it, ha! (This is not a pipe.) It was so close to all the happening parts of the city center, not sure how I've missed it the few times I've been to Nuremberg!
PS - I love my kids, like more than life itself. But man it is SO EASY to get around without pushing a stroller and worry about kids jumping in fountains and knocking things over! We love site-seeing date nights!
We walked around Nuremberg in search of a burger place that was recommended to us. We couldn't find it, but that's ok because we were loving the beautiful, nay, PERFECT weather, and all the things we missed seeing our first time here together (key word, together - I've been here a couple more times with girlies to flea markets).
Instead we enjoyed legit mini Nürnberger brats, mustard in a cute jar I wanted to steal but practiced some self restraint, tasty potato salad, sprite with ONE cube of ice lol (but hey, that's one more than we usually get so I'll take it!) and delicious apple strudel. So totally Deutsch!
We had 15 minutes left on our date and I'm so glad we walked up to the castle instead of going back to the car to drive an hour home and watch Brooklyn 99. We still watched an episode anyway, but we almost missed out on this view and memory that will forever be in our hearts. What's that saying, YOLO? We YOLO'ed it up :)
It's been a long time since we've been on a long date like this (usually we go get Thai food and then see a movie on base) and it was refreshing and FUN! Just what our marriage needed!


  1. Fun recap! Let's do it again sometime!

  2. Looks really good to me!
    I´ve benen there once, I guess in 2004. This Bookstore seems very nice =)

  3. What a fun date!! LOVING all the photos!! Bummer about the frame though! Hopefully you find one soon!!!!!

  4. What a gorgeous, memory making place to remind each other of how much you love just being the two of you!

  5. It looked as if you had the city to yourselves too! Love the half-timbered houses. And the lighting was perfect for your photos......great date together. P.S. Love bookstores like the one you captured but they seem to be a thing of the past here in the states (or at least where I live). Thank you for the photos!

  6. Your trip to Nürnberg changed to something better than just a frame. Time together is so important. Don't forget to be a couple and enjoy life together with your husband.

    Your Stephanie

    I'll have an open eye in Nürnberg next week again.


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