The One with Insta-Lately July 18th Edition

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Here's the newest installment of our "insta-lately" life according to my instagram (@paigetaylorevans) and phone camera. I haven't done this since February, but I won't go back that far cuz that would be like a ba-jillion photos :)

I went to IKEA some moons ago to replace all of my colorful and deteriorating boxes with white ones. But then I regretted my decision after seeing this! Makes my color-loving heart so happy!

Haylie found these at Target, hehe.

My favorite show is on!

My errand buddy. This is outside the German post office we frequently bi-weekly.

Loved putting together this batch of pacifier clips from my etsy shop (use coupon code BABYJANE for 15% off your order)!

Pretty flowers lining a pretty door in Weiden.

I stocked up on thread from the craft shop on base and loved all the colors.

One morning we played hookie and I took the kids to Weiden. I said "yes" to everything they asked. So, donuts and juice packs for lunch for the win!

It's our goal to get some dirndl and lederhosen before we move back to the states. This dress I actually love!

Heaven on earth for me AND Fox!

Happy Mail.

Sometimes after preschool we stop at the gas station and I let them pick a candy. Jelly Bellys for Jane and Nerds for Fox. Shhh, don't tell daddy the dentist...

I like making books and I cannot lie!

I was feeling depressed about Joey one day (or really, it was for about 6 weeks) and took a reflective picture of the clouds.

My favorite piece of furniture, prominently displayed in our dining room. I need another one though, this one is all full!

Jane. Yup, she's still in a crib. She can climb out though... We'll make the switch soon, but I'm holding out as long as I can because I don't think she'll take naps in a big girl bed... And, well, naps are my saving grace.

One of my favorite views in Weiden.

Right after I snapped this he said, "I just farteded". That's my boy.

Our 4th of July was small. We stayed home, ran errands, took pictures of the kids in their red, white, & blue gear, and then ate Thai food (and chicken/fries) outside in the warm and summer sunshine for dinner. And I loved it. Fox hates loud noises, they scare him half to death, so fireworks are still a no-go for now. Maybe next year.

I love this little blue building wedged precariously between two other old buildings in Grafenwöhr.

Sneaky peeky of Paige's Pages round 4!


Shhhhh... Quiet on set! Filming in progress!

Head over heels, completely smitten, and 100% in LOVE with the new Happy Things collection by Pinkfresh Studio!

I'm making more books these days than ever before! What do I put inside them? Nothing. They're just fun to make :)

And that's what we've been up to as of late!


  1. LOVING all the photos!! And I am sure the dentist in the family will totally skip over that candy photo!! ;)

  2. I love this insta lately. I especially love that you played hooky with the kids and let them have whatever they wanted. Love that idea.

  3. Great post. You lead an awesome life!

  4. Awesome! I have been wondering how the pets have been doing... I haven't heard you talk about them for a while. :)

  5. We went and got ice cream before lunch last week! Sometimes it's fun just to have a day to let the kids do whatever is fun!!


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