The One with the Pink Paislee Book Giveaway

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Over on my instagram (@paigetaylorevans) I'm giving away another handmade book!
 For this book I painted the 4x6" wooden covers a light PINK :) I love that both covers have a knot/hole in it. Just gives it a bit more character don't ya think?!
 For the pages I used the Citrus Bliss collection by Pink Paislee along with matching cardstock and printer paper so this book would work for pretty much anything - journal, smashbook, sign-in book, diary, etc.
 I used green thread to bind the book together and the pink/green color combo reminds me of watermelon - perfect for summer!
 When I was sewing the book together I added buttons, chipboard, jewels, charms, wood veneer, pearls, and more to the loops.
I decorated the cover with more embellishments from Citrus Bliss.
The official "giveaway" photo:
 Be sure to check out my instagram (@paigetaylorevans) for the giveaway rules and for a chance to win!


  1. This is just the cutest book! I took my first bookbinding class last week (one page wonders, accordion, single section pamphlet and the Japanese stab) and looking forward to trying my hand at more. Hope to find how to make books like yours.

  2. Love your books! Do you by any chance have pictures of some books which have been put into use? It would be very interesting to see the different project that they've been used for. [Or maybe I'm the only one interested]

  3. @toomuchstuff - ya know, I just make the books, I never fill them!! AHHH! :)


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