Dinner Date to Regensburg

Sunday, March 20, 2016

9 out of 10 times our dates consist of going to dinner and a movie (and 9 out of 10 times we go to the  same local Thai food restaurant - why change a good thing?!). What can I say, we love movies. And Thai food. But there wasn't anything playing at the theater this weekend so we got cray cray and drove an hour away to the historic town of Regensburg for dinner.

I always have to snap a photo of Nabburg.
Chris researched restaurants to eat at via Trip Advisor so we decided to go to the #2 place. But, it closes at 7pm (strange right?! On a weekend no less!) and we parked at 6:30pm, so we didn't even try. Instead we decided to go to the #1 place and had a lovely time walking through downtown to find it.
The Regensburg Cathedral.

I was in the mood for Käsespätzle (like mac'n'cheese, but deluxe). We passed Weissbräuhaus on the way to find our restaurant and for kicks and giggles we looked at the menu - sure enough they have Käsespätzle. Noted. We continued on. 
We found the #1 restaurant but couldn't find Käsespätzle on the menu, so we went back to Weissbräuhaus which is #4 of like 450 on Trip Advisor. Sounds good to me! And, spoiler alert, I would make it #1 on Trip Advisor if I could!
We walked in and got seated right away at that cute'n'tiny table for two in front of the copper beer dispensers/blue signage. Also, these pics of the interior are from the internet since my phone couldn't do the place justice.
Feed me!
The bartender tho. So perfect.
Get in my belly Käsespätzle! It was soooooo good. Every mouthful was heaven!

Chris got the Bierbrauerschmaus / Brewers favorite: "Schweinebraten, gebratener Leberkäse, Bratwurst, Bratkartoffel und Sauerkraut" aka roast pork, grilled meatloaf “leberkaese”, grilled sausage, fried potatoes, and sauerkraut. Everything was divine. We both tried sauerkraut purposefully for the first time which was quite good! Who knew?!
We also got fruit passion nectar and coca cola to drink.
For dessert we ordered "Lauwarmer Apfelstrudel mit Vanilleeis oder Vanillesauce" aka
Applestrudel with vanilla ice cream or vanilla custard, but the waiter messed up and first brought us "Kaiserschmarrn mit Rosinen und Apfelmus" aka cut up and sugared pancake with raisin and applesauce. Also, sooooo good. Then he brought out the strudel and I forgot to take a picture, we devoured it.
Then we meandered around town, walked across the bridge, and held hands - a rarity with children :)
Love you Chris!! Can't wait to go back!


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