Easter 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our family in front of the Easter Egg Fountain in Grafenwöhr Germany on Easter Sunday, March 27th 2016.

Sure, we're all smiles here, but just moments before I was in tears. Here's the real deal folks, cuz life ain't always sunshine and roses: both kids told me multiple times today that they hate me. Jane has consistently been saying "I'm not your friend!" or "I don't like you!" for weeks now, and she's still a bit too young to really understand what she's saying when she spouts that out, but this was the very first time that Fox straight up said "I hate you." And it hurt! I cried and he hugged me and said sorry and he loves me. But dang! Where did they learn that and how do I make them stop? So anyway, I didn't really take any pictures and moped around the rest of the day :(

Close up of the eggs:

The epic Easter tree from Saalfeld last year:

Love this cute sign Pink Paislee posted on their instagram using Fancy Free images!
He is risen!


  1. So sorry they have been treating you that way :( That makes me sad! :( Loving the photos!! I hope today is better for you!! xoxox :)

  2. I really think it's a stage that kids go through. My daughter has done it several times, and it hurts each time. They don't really mean it or understand. It just stinks to hear it! I try not to make a big deal out of it. (I go somewhere where she can't see me if I need to cry.) Making a big deal out of it lets her know how much it hurts me and she'll say it more whenever she gets angry. I'm sorry you had such a rough time.

  3. The trees are just so gorgeous. I can't get enough when I see it! I'm sorry though that the words stung you- from what I've seen - you're an absolutely great mom. But I love that he did comfort you when he realized that words hurt. How precious. Hopefully their words will change soon for you- although they don't know exactly what they're saying - it still hurts nonetheless.


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