Passau, Germany

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The March 4-day weekend was over Easter so we packed up and headed a bit south - first destination: Passau, Germany. It was a nice stop halfway between our home and the hotel. 

Best part... it's almost flower time! I love the flowers in Europe covering garden beds and window boxes and cafes.
Passau is a Bavarian town of 50,000 people located right on the border with Austria. Settlements have been here since the Neolithic Age and the city was part of the Roman empire for 400 years. It was an independent Price-Bishopric for 600 years and then it was finally annexed into the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1803.
The nickname of the city is Dreiflüssestadt, "The City of Three Rivers," because the town is surrounded by the Danube, Inn, and IIz rivers. 
Colorful homes and buildings along one of the dreiflüssen. 
The Evans family in Passau, Germany on Friday March 25th 2016. Where is Jane's head?!
Walking the beautiful streets of Passau.
We didn't know much about Passau since it's not included in our beloved Rick Steves Germany guide book and so we were pleasantly surprised by how cute it is! Get on that Rick!
A tradition on these adventures: stopping for ice cream. The kids both got "Valilla" (as Jane says) and Chris got Heidelbeeren, European blueberry. I ate the leftovers.
Looking down to St. Paul's church.
Cool, colorful, and funky cafe.
Baroque styling is popular throughout the old town. I don't mind :)
Looking up at St. Paul's - not to mention it's PINK! The current building dates from 1667. Its foundations are the rocks of the old Roman wall at the northern edge of what was then the town.
Lovely Baroque interior. 
Jane and flowers. She's a goofball.
Did I mention I love the flowers in Europe? Cuz I do!
Mint green house. So charming.
St. Paul's from the back as we headed deeper into the old town.
Pink wall. Because it's pink.
After moseying about we arrived at St. Stephen's Cathedral.
The church was rebuilt in its present state in 1662 after a fire destroyed the older structure. But there has been a church on this site since 450 A.D.
Beautiful! The frescoes are by the Swiss-Italian Baroque artist Carpoforo Tencalla. 
Cuckoo clocks inside the store where we bought our magnet. Since it was a German holiday (Good Friday) most everything was closed and we thought we would have to make our own custom magnet. Nevermind though, we found an open store!
The Bishop's Palace was built in the early 1700s in a more Rococo style. It now houses a couple museums.
All the colors.
Pretty town square.
Beloved architecture.

Pastel love!
This modern art half door was a fun pop of bright color amid the pastels.
Like rainbow sherbet ice cream!
Orange on orange.
More doors.
At the very tip of the town, at the point where the rivers come together, is a little park. We always try to let the kids get some wiggles out at the parks we come across on our adventures. 
This was a fun little contraption: you sit on the seat and peddle to make the thing spin. Fun was had. 

The very end of Passau.
Across the Danube from the old town is the Veste Oberhaus fortress.
It served as the stronghold of the Prince-Bishop of Passau from 1219 onward. 
The old town hall is a neat building right along the river in the old town.
Then we walked back to the car and headed into Austria.
We found our hotel (in the middle of nowhere, I might add - a la The Shining style and vibe!) and the kids had fun playing in the bunk bed.
Goodness gracious I love Germany!


  1. #iloveyourhashtagaboutthedoors!! And I would have gone nuts over the nutcrackers in the clock store!!! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for all the great history lessons! I'm impressed by all the different, ornate window 'eyebrows' and wonder where all the seemingly seamless downspouts connect at top & bottom. So clean.

  3. What a lovely town. Wow! Great photos :)


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