Chenonceau Chateau, France

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After sleeping in Amboise, we woke up early to beat the crowds to see one of the most visited French chateaux: Chenonceau. 
First ones in! Nice!
The sun was just burning off the morning fog as we caught our first glimpse of the palace.
Caretaker's cottage. I wouldn't mind that being my actual house!

Chenonceau is one of the highlights of the Loire Valley. The sixteenth century Renaissance palace arches over the Cher River and it is impeccably maintained.

Other chateaux were built for defensive purposes, but Chenonceau was built solely as a place of luxury and refinement.
This old round tower predates the main palace from an earlier residence that was once here. A fine limestone veneer was added to the upper portions of the tower so it would better mesh with the styling of the new chateau.
 The original oak doors are still in place with carved coats of arms of the original owners.
The door knocker is up high so that visitors on horseback could use it.

Inside we saw the gorgeous chapel and some of the original surviving tiles along the edge of the floor in the guard room.

Looking out to the river from the Grand Gallery.
This 200 foot long gallery spans the river. The upper stories hold a ballroom and art gallery.

The state of the art (in the 1500s) kitchen down in the basement.

Pots and pans and a Fox.
The interior of this Chateau is one of the best maintained in France. Log fires are always lit in the winter and fresh flower arrangements are constantly on display in season.

All the flowers you see in the photos were real. The whole palace smelled lovely.
Famous residents of Chenonceau include King Henry II's mistress Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici.

Art gallery above the Grand Gallery.
After touring the whole of the interior, we walked around the gardens enjoying the views.

Such a cool building built all on the water. We loved it.
Crossing one of three moats on our way back to the parking area.
Our family at the Chenonceau Chateau, France on Wednesday October 19th 2016.
Then we drove a short way to the Chambord Chateau which has been on my wanderlust bucketlist for a loooong time!


  1. What a gorgeous place!!! I would love to just live there (1500's kitchen or not! LOL!) !!!!!!

  2. So beautiful! I've been to southern France and Paris/northern France, but never to the Loire Valley and it's really high on my "someday" list.


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