October 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October is my favorite month of the year! Gimme all the candy! I've been saving photos from our various activities throughout the month for this one post, so bear with me :) To celebrate my love of Halloween, I've made "October-daily" albums for 2013, 2014, 2015 (I went back and did 2013's just a few weeks ago and pictures for the 2012 version are being printed as we speak!). Here is a quick flipthrough of each album:

Here are a few highlights from this month culminating in Trick-or-Treating just a few hours ago:

First signs of Halloween: candy at the commissary! Granted this was back at the beginning of September and I swear to myself I won't get excited until October 1st :)
New Halloween PJs!

Jerry from the pumpkin patch brings his pumpkins to the top of the hill a couple days a week. We got ours a few days before October 1st... my bad!
I spent a morning decorating - once again using mostly things from Fox's 1st birthday party way back in 2011!

This dresser held a few things for a couple weeks and then we installed shelves on the wall, see next pic.

Polish pottery pumpkins & skull adorning the staircase.
This is our 4th Halloween here in Germany. We have run out of candy every single year within an hour of the start of trick-or-treating!
This year we almost filled a huge plastic storage bin and we still ran out after 2 hours! Kids be crazy wantin' candy!
The grotesque mask vendor is back at the PX!
Colorful gourds at the commissary.
I love scary movies. Want a list of my favorites? Okay :)
The movie that scared me the most of any movie I've ever seen and by which I judge all scary movies is Paranormal Activity, the first one. I didn't sleep well for days after seeing that one! I enjoy the other 5 that have followed, but the first is still the best. In no particular order, these are the movies I have playing in the background all day, every day, during the month of October:
Hocus Pocus
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Double Double Toil and Trouble
Nightmare Before Christmas
Rose Red
The Haunting
Blair Witch Project (this one gets scarier every time I watch it!)
Poltergeist (original version, the new one is meh)
The Ring
Silence of the Lambs
Sixth Sense
The Shining
Ghostbusters (old and new - the new one is HYSTERICAL)

Making a Halloween layout while Rachel and Joey chill on the couch with Rose Red playing on the TV.
My cat.

Working on my 2013 October mini album - it's never too late to document memories!
I still love these Halloween quilts my mom made for Fox and Jane a couple years ago! Malm - I need Christmas ones!

For one of the two Activity Days of the month we decorated sugar cookies. This kid went so overboard lol.

Disneyland Paris trip which I blogged about a few days ago.

On my first Saturday at home since AUGUST (10 weeks of traveling/teaching in a row about did me in!) we made Halloween sugar cookies.
Fox's homemade zombie costume.

All dressed up for the Fun Run!
The track was filled with booths from different Army groups and associations and we "track-or-treated" at each one.
Jane was all about it. Fox was fighting a little cold and wasn't his enthusiastic self, but he was still such a good trooper.

She has been wearing her bat costume for 6 weeks straight.
Chris went down to Garmisch for a week for his annual dental conference and I made the kids' favorites for dinner: nachos, rice, and pineapple - served on Halloween dishes.

2nd Activity Days of the month - I brought along the kids because Chris was still gone. We played lots of games!
Including Bob for Apples.

I got this skirt for Jane's bat costume so she could be a 'pretty bat' but she straight up refused to wear it so I took pictures of her in it to sell on our local "take my stuff" facebook page.
Do you see the freaking creepy face in the dress?!? 100% not even joking I didn't photoshop that on there. So spooky. So glad to be rid of it!
But not before Rachel took a cat nap on it.
Blue skies in October MUST be documented.
Our ward "fall festival". WE WANTS THE TRUNK-OR-TREAT!! :)

Tower Barracks. Our home for only 9 more months.
After the ward chili cook-off Chris and I went on a date and saw Inferno. Very different ending than the books! It was really fun to see all the sites in Italy we've been to.
Sunday afternoon we carved pumpkins! Chris' is a tooth with a cavity lol. Fox's is the dragon and mine is the plain ol' Jack-o-Lantern face.

There is a family on our block who goes all out every year - apparently she's a professional balloon twister - neato!
They have no personality whatsoever... False, they have sooo many facial expressions I couldn't pick just one!

These faces tho!!!
 And they're off!
 Fox whimped out after only 15 minutes because his hands were cold, poor guy, so he went back home and passed out candy with Chris while I took Jane around. She wore ME out! She could have kept going but I was tired! She's a girl after my own heart. Way to go Jane!

Loot! I think I ate 7 peanut butter cups... diet starts tomorrow???
 Our family on the Halloween Eve.
Happy Halloween 2016!


  1. LOVING all the photos!! That balloon house .. holy cow! That is AWESOME! That wouldn't last here in Phoenix, too many cacti! LOL!!! The kids look adorable in their costumes!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what an awesome month you all had culminating with one of your favorite days! :) love all of your photos and adventure documenting!

  3. wow, that is a real halloween spirit!!! i am quite surprised it so celebrated in Germany ... here in Czech it is fairly new to celebrate halloween, the kids have parties with costumes and thats it ... but enjoyed the report, it really must mean a lot to you .. lovely photos!

  4. I always LOVE your Halloween posts! I'm having a super-crappy day, and I came to your blog to get cheered up. LOL. Seriously. ;) Thank you! Loved this! Those scary movies though?!?! Really?!?! LOL! Okay... I hate scary movies. I REALLY, REALLY wish I could handle them, but... I can't. I have nightmares. BUT... here's the strange thing... some don't scare me AT ALL. Like... AT ALL. As in, I may as well be watching some drama film. HAHAHA. Films I don't think are scary: Paranormal Activity (I was bored. Hee hee.), Blair Witch Project (also, bored...), Signs (I LOVE this movie though! I even let my kids watch it. LOL. It scares Jeremy. :-p ), The Shining (huh... not sure why. But I did find it interesting). Poltergeist (scared me as a child, but now I've seen it too many times? LOL.)

    SUPER scary and/or disturbing? The Ring (ALLL the way!!!), The Others (holy creep-fest, Batman! SOOO disturbing! Still haunts me.), Pet Sematary was also pretty disturbing. :-p I have never seen The Haunting. I don't watch scary movies anymore. I can't handle them. But if I'm interested in them, I just ask a friend. HAHAHAHA. ;) I'm such a dork. :-p

    Anyway, your decorations are adorable. Your costumes are so cool. And your albums are totally amazing. I have never scrapped one photo of my kids. :-O Seriously. I'm such slacker. LOL. :-p

    Thanks again for your awesome blog. :D


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