Pocket Letters

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I was scrolling through instagram back in September and came across this picture by my fellow scrappy friend, Zsoka Marko, that made me pause and gasp out loud:
 photo IMG_20160920_205146.jpg
Turns out I'm late to hop on the bandwagon, pocket letters have been and are a THING as a quick search on Pinterest and looking at the #pocketletter hashtag reveals!
I not so subtly asked if Zsoka would make me one and she DID! Only a few days later this pocket letter made with Fancy Free showed up at my doorstep. Isn't it lovely? 
 photo P1140413.jpg
I finally had the time to return the pocket letter favor and here's what I made using Take Me Away:
 photo IMG_20161114_131108.jpg
I had so much fun making this, I don't want to stop! Who's in for a swap?!


  1. I love this! I would swap with you anytime!

  2. Wow, these pocket letters look wonderful

  3. So cool! This is the first I heard of it too!!

  4. This is a new idea for me also. I think I want to make some up for my crafty friends as a "Thankful for your friendship." My creative juices are flowing.

  5. Oh wow! So you make for a friend and send it like a letter? That's my favorite kind of mail!


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