Honfleur, France

Thursday, November 3, 2016

After Rouen, it was on to Honfleur!
For more than a thousand years, sailors have enjoyed Honfleur's ideal location where the Seine River meets the English Channel. William the Conqueror received supplies shipped from Honfleur during his conquest of England. Samuel de Champlain sailed from here in 1608 to North America where he discovered the St. Lawrence River and founded Quebec City.

The town was also a favorite of nineteenth century Impressionists who were captivated by Honfleur's unusual light (the result of it's river-meets-sea setting).
Honfleur escaped the bombs of WWII and today offers a scenic port enclosed on three sides by cafes, skinny town homes, and ambiance to spare.
Jane! She likes to pretend she's a bird, or bat, or dragon, etc and walk around flapping her wings with accompanying sound effects. 
The Vieux Bassin. Those skinny houses were designed at a time when buildings were taxed based on their width, not height. 
"Honfleur" is a Scandinavian word meaning the shelter (fleur) of a Norse settler (Hon). This town has been sheltering residents for about a thousand years. 
Boudin and Monet used to haunt these streets painting the shimmering light and quaint buildings.
Purple door love.
Locals like to brag about the "unusual luminosity" of the region. I agree!
Northern French coastal charm at its finest.
Reminds me of Diagon Alley.

When in France... Macaroons!
Half-timber with flowers? A perfect combo.
The Ste. Catherine Church has an unusual wood-shingled exterior.
Inside you'd swear that if the church were turned over it would float. That's the result of a community with a legacy of fishermen and boatbuilders, but no traditional cathedral architects.
Love the ivy.
We ate macaroons, waffles, and ice cream and simply enjoyed the Norman coast.
Our family in Honfleur, France on Sunday October 16th 2016.
The next morning we went to Bayeux!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Those houses are gorgeous! And loving Jane being a bird! Too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


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