Christmas Advent Swap

Friday, December 2, 2016

Last Christmas Eva post a photo of her advent swap on instagram:
 photo 13937809_1253753617991265_6145572288467664336_o 1.jpg
Uummmm, how do I get in on this?!?! I want brown paper packages tied up with string to open every night leading up to Christmas! Then a few months ago an email showed up in my inbox from Eva asking if I really did want to participate - heck yes please!! 

Fast forward to November: 25 gals made 25 of one "present", we sent them all back to Eva, she re-distributed them, and sent them back to us, so we each got 25 unique presents - one to open every night of December until Christmas. Here are the little pillow boxes I made using mostly older Elle's Studio supplies:
 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 6.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 3.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 1.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 4.jpg

 photo Christmas Advent 24 by Paige Evans 2.jpg
I found a little tin to put them all in and was too lazy to put it in a cute set up scene, so instead you get a glimpse into my home:
 photo P1140549.jpg
And then I put them all on white foam board for a nice photo and so you can see them all ;)
 photo P1140554.jpg
I would love to keep doing this every year! The kids have their Lego and chocolate advent calendars, Mommy wants a crafty advent! Thanks again for organizing this swap Eva!


  1. What a great and FUN idea!!!!!! I would love to be involved in something like that!!! LOVE it!!!!! And loving seeing all your magnets on the wall too!! *wink* :)

  2. That is just super, super cute. What a fun idea!

  3. What a fun idea! Would love to be involved with something like that - us moms deserve treats too. :)

  4. This is so fun!!! I totally want to join.

  5. ...what a surprise...I am a bit behind in reading the blogs I follow...hence, my comment is a bit late :-) I am so happy you joined...and further, that you also like it. Thank you for joining in!


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