Prague Christmas Markets

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Yesterday we drove to Prague (it's only two hours away!) to check out the festive Christmas markets. We park outside the city to save on money and mostly sanity and then ride the metro into the city.
Floral boutique shop set up outside the train station. I loved the gold spray painted mistletoe.
My guys meandering the streets of Prague.
The first place we visited was Wenceslas Square - pretty fitting for Christmas to have a Good King Wenceslas market!
Stop to admire the BEAUTIFUL architecture.
There were tons of people in Prague today, but since we didn't bring the stroller (it has a flat tire), we didn't really notice and in fact I think it added to the ambiance. You could feel the excitement in the air! The kids did so great for this being pretty much the first time we've gone on a long walking adventure without it.

Fox and Jane at the top of Wenceslas Square.
Holy cow it was a beautiful day - blue skies and sunshine and 52 degrees! I almost took off my jacket several times!

Buildings decorated with bows and wreaths and ornaments, I love it.
This ginormous Christmas store reminds me of "Duncan's Toy Chest" in Home Alone and "Gimbels" in Elf. We didn't go in though or else we never would have come out...
Powder Tower.
The Old Town Square.
I was here too!
There was a raised platform with stairs on either side you could walk on that afforded a better view of the bustling square.
Quick video of the square:
There was Christmas music playing, chestnuts roasting, bells jingling... I really tried to soak in every moment!
Because, next year at this time, we won't be in Europe anymore and won't be able to just hop in the car and drive to Prague on a whim. I am already missing it, if that makes sense.
Dald - do you wish you were here?
People waiting for the Astronomical Clock to chime.
Every square was filled with a market!
This is my 5th time to Prague and I pretty much take the same ol' same ol' pictures every time. In an attempt to find some new angles I looked at hashtag prague on instagram and saw a view from above Charles Bridge! HAVE TO HAVE!
I didn't know that you could climb the Old Town Bridge Tower! It costs about $3.50 per person and it was totally worth it for the view - all of Charles Bridge and the expansive Prague castle complex all in one stunning panoramic view! I wish we had known about this all the times we've brought family. So... better come back 'rents so we can take you here!
View from the other side of the tower - how many spires can you count? That's why this town is called The City of 100 Spires!
Next to the bridge is another favorite view point with a little patch of a garden. I will always remember eating Trdelník (a cake and sweet pastry made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix, and I've even seen them filled with ice cream!) with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law here.
As we started making our way back to the train station we did some window shopping, mostly for sweets.
Most colorful candied apples I've ever seen!
In addition to spires, I should have counted Christmas trees too! They were everywhere!
Walking back through the Old Town Square.

I couldn't take it any longer, the smell of roasting almonds in sugar got the best of me. Sooooo good.
Buying metro tickets. | Jane conked out on the 20 minute ride back to the car.
The drive home was so lovely.
Perfect Saturday from start to finish!


  1. That is so gorgeous and Christmassy!

  2. Wow! What a fun time! LOVING all the photos!! And I don't even like candy apples ... but I so would have bought that pink one, wellllll because it's PINK!!! :)

  3. Great recap! It was a fun day, and how about that weather??? We lucked out!

  4. Oh my!! You in Prague again! The weather was gorgeous, went to the centre in the evening when the crowds are generally much better ... it must have been really good trip for the kids, prague is best all year round but at christmas is definitely MUST SEE :D


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